• Massugu Mae No Chpt 1

    Two children were sitting in a field of golden wheat. When the wind blew; the wheat looked as if it were waves on a Golden Ocean. The sun was bright that day, which made the wheat that much more colorful. It wasn’t to hot, it was comfortably warm. The little girl was fiddling with some flowers, while the little boy was watching. The boy asked "why do girls like flowers so much?" The girl didn't respond right away. Without looking up from the flowers, she responded ". . . I don’t like flowers; I’m trying to see what's inside of them." The little boy wasn’t expecting that answer, so he pressured his point, “Nuh-uh, you’ve been playing with that same flower this whole time, you like them!” This time, she wasted no time looking him right in the face to answer this remark, “I told you, I don’t like them!” “Do too-oo” he said this in a nagging tone. The little boy then stood up, went over to a small patch of flowers, and picked the flower he thought was the prettiest. He brought it back to her, by this time, she was a little confused as to why he did this. He sat back down; and stared at the flower, so did she. It was an interesting shade of yellow; it looked almost as if it was made of gold. After a couple of seconds of staring, she finally asked, “Why did you bring that flower over here?” He looked deep into the flower; he then responded “Mom says, girls are supposed to like flowers. . . “He looked at it for a couple more seconds, then his ears and face went a little pink. He shoved the flower to her. This action caught her by surprise that it made her jump a little bit. She stared at the flower; her face went a cute shade of pink also. She then finally asked “. . . for me?” He looked at the ground where they had been sitting and nodded. She took the flower stared at it for a second then asked “. . . want to help me take it apart?” he looked up and responded “. . . . Sure” they both smiled, and then continued to disassemble the flower.
    “. . . Beep. . . Beep. . . Beep” It was dark in her room, and she was having a good dream, so she didn’t want to wake up yet. “ Beep Beep Beep” her ears twitched, she hid her face in her pink pillow, with this movement, she made her black cat plushy that her best-friend had gotten her for her 10th birthday fall off her bed. She didn’t care right now thought; she was a little more determined to drown out the sound of her alarm clock. She continued to roll around on her bed, trying to get comfy, then, without warning, her door slammed open. It made her jump a little, but she didn’t get up. Her mother was standing in her door way she was wearing her usual clothes, a blue corset that tied up the back, a long black skirt with her tail was hidden under her skirt, and her hair was pulled back into a jet black bun, her ears were high up, and pointed. She yelled “IF YOU DON’T GET UP NOW, I’LL GIVE YOUR BREAKFEST TO YOUR BROTHER’S!!!” she then walked across the slightly messy room, and opened the blinds to her room. Then she left the room. The sleepy girl blinked a few times, which made her eyes water. She wiped them, and sat up. Scratching her head, she yawned. She hit the alarm clock so it would finally stop yelling at her too. She stood up, and walked across her room to her mirror.
    Downstairs, the cook’s were preparing a meal fit for a king. 2 hams, steaks made from the Wagyu cow, eggs that were only bred from a private farm, toast made from Roquefort bread, and many other things that would make the common man go bankrupt within a few days. The heavenly aroma from the break-fest attracted the two male siblings who also lived in the home. Two beastly boys came running down the stairs, stomping as they ran went. They were both dressed and ready for school. The older brother’s name is Damien, 19 years old, with dark blue hair, the build of a chronic body builder, and the brain of a loaf of bread. He is the exact meaning of “all bronze and no brains”. His tail was cut short, same with his ears. The younger brother Vincent, 17 years old, with almost the exact same shade hair as his brothers, but a little darker. He has a smaller build then his brother, but he can at least find his way out of a paper bag. His ears and tail were almost identical to his brother’s.
    They both went thrashing through the kitchen, trying to get to the dining room before the other one did. Damien grabbed Vincent’s tail, and threw him back, and tossed himself into the first chair, which forced Vincent to take the second chair. Their mother came into the room, from the other door. She looked around, with a stern look. The two boys looked at her in curiosity, each wondering the same thing, “I wonder if she’s still on a no meat diet.” She finally gave up looking around, and found herself a seat next to the huge chair located at the end of the table. Vincent looked at the chair next to him, it was still empty. He then asked “did anyone wake up Angel?” there mother, still with a stern look on her face responded “I did, she’s probably taking her sweet a** time as she always does” Vincent and Damien looked at each other with a look of victory, the same things were going through their heads, “No Angel = more food for me!!!” They looked at each other with a look of competition. As they did this, there came a sound of small footsteps coming down stairs. Their dreams were smashed before they even began. Angel descended the stairs, she was still very tired from her all night video game playing. She rubbed her eyes as she walked into the dining room. Her mother looked at her with a look of annoyance “took you long enough”. Angel didn’t respond, she sat down in the chair next to Vincent, and put her head on the table. Vincent pulled her tail hard, she picked her head up to look at him, but he had returned to his regular pose, as if he had done nothing. She glared at him, but, she also knew she wasn’t supposed to have her head down at the table. She picked her head up from the table and tried to look attentive. After a couple of minutes of waiting, there were hard footsteps coming from the entryway there mother had come from. The king had entered. He was a man of great stature. His ears were short and his tail was too. He had the body of a giant; his face was riddled with wrinkles, the sign of a long life. His hair was just as dark as his son’s were. He sat down in his huge chair at the end of the table. “Good morning father” his children greeted him with a bow of their head’s. “Good morning everyone” he said this with a hearty smile. The cooks then began to bring in the food they had prepared. Damien and Vincent looked like they were going to start drooling. One by one the food started to come in, with it, the appetizing smell’s followed. After all the food was set down, the cook’s bowed there head’s, and left the room. After they had left, the boy’s almost jumped to get there food. Everyone started to grab what they wanted, and began to eat.
    After the feast, the cooks began to take all the empty plates and dishes back to the kitchen. The king began to speak, “So, how much time do you three have till you have to go?” As soon as this question was asked, all three of the kids looked up at the clock, it was only seven o’clock, they still half an hour before they had to go. Angel responded “we still have ‘bout thirty minutes.” The king smiled and nodded his head. He then dismissed himself from the table. After the king stood, they all got up after him. Angel started to head back for her room, she wanted to try and get some game play in before she left. As soon as she reached the steps, Vincent grabbed her tail, and threw into the air. This caught her by surprise, but this wasn’t new to her. After being thrown into the air, she quickly turned her body around, and attempted to land on her feet. When she landed, Damien came charging at her, as she charged at him. The three of them continued to play fight when their mother came into the doorway of the room. She watched them play for about 10 minutes then she finally broke it up when Angel had head-butt Damien in the nose. He was ok, but it still made their mother a bit nervous for such horse play among her children. After it was broken up, Angel raced up stairs and went to her room. They had spent a good 15 minutes playing and she wanted to make sure she still looked acceptable. She went to her mirror, and began to check if she still looked ok. Her short blue hair with 2 long patches of hair that hung down, her ears that were too big for her own good, her mother told her that she would grow into them. Her tail that curled like a husky, a strange site for a werewolf, but it still curled anyways. After looking herself over, it was time to head to school. She grabbed her bag, and started to head down stairs. Her brother’s had already left, because her brothers think she walks to slow. She headed for the door and called out “bye guy’s, I love you!” she got two responses, one from her father, “have a good day!” and one from her mother, “make sure you learn something!!!” with this, she opened the door, and left.
    Angel walked down the path that led from her home, to the street. Once she made it to the street, the guards that were stationed at the gate stood at attention. She greeted them “Good morning!” They looked at her, and smiled, “Good morning princess” she smiled at them and went on her way. After walking for awhile, she stopped at a certain corner, and began to wait. She stood there, looking around, as she always does in the mornings. After waiting about 5 minutes she was quite tired of waiting, she became a bit annoyed. She stood there, still looking around; she said to herself “. . . he’s late”. She looked at her cell phone; it was 7:45 she was getting a little anxious, school started at 8:10, she didn’t want to be late. She leaned up against the corner, flipped open her phone, and began to play a game she had on her phone. A boy, with jet black hair, eyes as red as blood, small wings that poked out of his back, and looks to kill began to walk up to her, but she was distracted by her game, she didn’t even notice. He walked right up to her, and looked down at her. He then reached down and picked up the phone, “Whut’cha playin’?” she was startled as her concentration was suddenly broken, “uh, huh what?” she looked up at him, as he began to play the game. She made a pouty face and said “You’re late Leto”. He looked back down at her and said “well, I didn’t try to be late if that helps.” She giggled and said, “Idiot, no one try’s to be late.” He closed her phone, and gave it back to her, “you’d be surprised.” She looked up at him “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late.” He responded by walking ahead of her, she followed. They walked, and talked, until they made it to the school.
    Chiyoko high school is a private school. You either had to be a genius, or rich to get into this school. There weren’t many genius’s here though, just a lot of rich kids. Even though there weren’t many geniuses, Chiyoko high still has an excellent grade point average (go figure). As the two approached the school, they both caught sight of their friends. They began to walk towards them through the court yard. The group of friends saw Leto and Angel walking towards them, some of them jumped at the sight of them, and ran towards them. When the group reached the two of them, they all began to ask the same question, “WE NEED A TIE BREAKER!!!” Angel and Leto looked at each other. Angel asked “A tie breaker foe what?” The group of friends dragged them over to where they were sitting, and asked the question “How long have you 2 known each other?” A few of the friends began to blurt out the answers they thought were right, “Two years!!!” “Seven years!!!” “Your both wrong, it’s been eight years!!!” Angel and Leto just smirked, trying to be polite and not laugh at their friends. Leto finally answered the question “You are all wrong, we’ve known each other for all of our lives” The group of friends just stared at him in shock as he gave this answer. Jason, a blonde boy, with short ears and tail in the ninth grade asked “how long has your family known each other?” They both gave a blank stare as this question was asked. Angel responded “Longer then we’ve been born.” The whole group then began to discuss how long that could be, when the bell rang. They all began to get up and started to head for class. Leto helped Angel to her feet, and they started to walk together. Beth and Chise started to talk behind their back “you think he’ll pop the question?” “I don’t know, maybe she will.” Angel and Leto heard this, and went pink in the face, and started to walk faster, to get out of hearing range of what they were saying. Chise and Beth began to laugh, they were actually trying to get them embarrassed, they succeeded.
    Angel and Leto had the same class, along with their friends Misao, a demon, and Renard, a human. As everyone piled into class trying to get to their seat’s before the teacher came in, Angel, Leto, Misao, and Renard waited for everyone to get in before they entered, so they wouldn’t be ran over. Angel walked over to the window and looked outside, leaning over the window seal. Misao and Renard were discussing the homework that was due yesterday, and Leto was sending a text to Jessica. As Angel looked out the window she saw someone still outside. She watched them in curiosity. The person had a black hoodie on, which was a little weird because it was really hot outside. The person with the hoodie looked around the campus, and finally went to the spot that Angel and her friends had been sitting. They looked at the spot, as if they were looking for something. As angel continued to look at this person, Leto tapped her side, which made her jump. Angel looked up at him in surprise, Leto responded “what are you looking at?” he leaned on the window seal also. Angel looked back at the spot where the hooded person was, he had left that spot, and was now walking out of the school campus. Angel looked back at Leto and said “just some weird guy, let’s get into class.” She walked around Leto and walked into class, Leto followed. After all the students had found their seats, the tardy bell rang, and they waited for the teacher to come. As all teenagers usually do, they became restless waiting. So they began to talk and congregate with each other. Angel got out of her seat, and walked over to Leto, Misao and Renard followed. Angel sat on Leto’s desk, as he put his phone back into his pocket. Angel asked “who you texting?” Before Leto could answer, Misao interrupted “Why, you jealous?” Angel’s face went a little red “Heh, no, I was just curious.” Leto’s phone vibrated and he took it back out. He read the message, and responded. Renard asked “who you texting, cuz I want to know now.” Leto responded “Jessica, she wants to know the best way to break up with her boyfriend” They all looked at him with questionable looks. The teacher slammed open the door, which scared angel so bad, she feel off the desk. Renard and Misao laughed at her. Leto helped her back up. As the Teacher walked across the room, the students started to go back to their original seats.
    The Teacher, Mister Jarlin, was an old man. He was very wise though, he had seen it all back in the day. He was a human, he had black hair, and light skin. As the students were getting to their seats, Mr. Jarlin was looking around the room at them. After everyone had sat back down, he began to speak “Who wants to collect last night’s homework?” Misao’s hand shot up into the air faster than anyone else. Mr. Jarlin pointed to her, and she stood up, and went to the front of the room to start picking up papers. As she picked up papers, Mr. Jarlin began to talk about the assignment they had done yesterday. Leto pulled out some paper, and started to doodle on it. Angel was looking at him as he did this. She then got bored, and laid her head down on her desk. Misao slid Angel’s homework from under her, and added it to the pile of work she had been collecting. Angel hid her face in her arms in an attempt to get a little more comfortable. The sound of Mr. Jarlin’s speaking had become muffled from Angel trying to bury her head in her arms. Within seconds, Angel had fallen asleep. Renard was in the back of the class trying to text without being seen. Leto had created a doodle graveyard on the piece of paper he had taken out. Misao had picked up all the papers, and gave them to the teacher, then she returned to her seat, tapping Leto on the head as she went by him.
    Angel was dreaming about eating sweets and drinking wine. She was rather enjoying herself. As she continued to eat and drink, she heard a voice. “. . . Angel” with a bottle of wine in her mouth, she turned to see who it was. Her eyes widened. Leto was standing there, wearing nothing except rather small swim bottoms, and holding a platter of cupcakes. She stared at him, he began to walk closer, her eyes got even wider. He sat down next to her and asked “Would you like to lick my cupcakes?” Suddenly, there was a loud slam. Angel woke up, she had a bit of drool on her mouth. She wiped it, and looked up. Mr. Jarlin was standing over her holding a text book. He asked, “Yes, what?” She looked at him in confusion, “Yes. . . what?”Angel asked. He responded “you said “yes” with your head down, what did you say yes to?” Her face went red, “it was nothing” she looked away. Mr. Jarlin stared at her for a few moments then walked back to the front of the room, continuing his lesson. She still had her head down on the desk, and was mopping up her drool with her sleeve. A small paper ball hit her in the back of her head, her ears twitched. She looked back, Renard had thrown it at her. He was pointing to his phone, but she couldn’t make out what he was trying to say. He quickly put his phone away and stared at the front of the classroom. Angel turned her body back to the front also. She sat up and stretched. She only had a few of “those” kinds of dreams before, but never in school. She felt embarrassed for some reason. As if Mr. Jarlin had seen her dream of something.
    After the lesson, the bell rang, it was lunch time. Everyone gave a sigh of relief; apparently, no one was really paying attention to what Mr. Jarlin was saying. Mr. Jarlin dismissed everyone to lunch, as he made his way out of the classroom to the teacher’s lounge. Misao and Renard went over to Angel. Misao asked “What were you dreaming about?” Angel responded “I can’t remember. . . “ She did remember everything that happened, but she definitely didn’t want to say. Misao sat in the chair in front of Angel’s desk “I remember all of my dreams; I don’t know how people can forget them.” Renard looked at misao and responded “Sometimes I forget too, depends on the dream.” Misao and Renard continued to talk about their dreams. Angel looked over at Leto. He was putting his papers back into his bag. He grabbed his lunch, got up, and walked towards them. As they sat and ate their lunch, Jason came in. he looked around the room for his friends. Misao caught sight of him, and waved him over. Jason walked over to where they were sitting. He then flopped himself down hard into a chair, he seemed a bit mad. They looked at him, waiting for him to say something. Renard finally broke the silence “Do you need something Jason?” Jason looked up, which startled everyone. He then calmly asked “does anyone have a dollar?” They all looked at him as if he just asked to borrow a car or something. Misao looked at him, took another bite of her sandwich and said “I don’t have anything smaller then a twenty, sorry.” Jason looked at the rest of them, with begging eyes. The rest of them shook their heads. Leto asked “why do you need it, leave your lunch at home?” Jason shook his head yes. Angel took pity, and took out her wallet. She began to search for something smaller then a ten. She found a five, and gave it him. He hugged her and said “OHHH, Thank you Angel!” She sat there, perfectly still with a nervous smile on her face “ eh heh heh, no problem.” Jason got up, and ran out of the room. They watched him leave, and then they looked back at Angel. Angel went back to eating her sweet bun. “you think he’ll bring back the change?” Renard finally asked. Angel responded “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a five.” Misao asked “is Jason rich?” Leto responded “I don’t think so, I think he must have been one of the lucky ones that passed the entrance exams, without paying.” Misao responded with a simple “oh” then continued to eat. Angel suddenly remembered, “Oh yea, Renard, what were you trying to show me eailer on your phone?” Renard swallowed his salad and said “Yea, I was trying to ask if you wanted to text.” Angel looked at him with a strange look “you could have just passed a note. . .“ Renard put his fork down and retaliated “Nooooo, the new way to send notes, is to text.” He seemed to be glowing with excitement when he said this. Angel shook her head, and ate the rest of her sweet bun.
    After lunch had ended, Mr. Jarlin gave them their new assignments, and they worked on them until the bell rang to go home. Everyone started to get up and put all their stuff away so they could finally go home. Leto and Angel were one of the first ones to leave because they had already put their stuff away before the bell rang. They waved bye to their classmates, and started to head home. The walk home is usually the most enjoyable part of Angel’s day. They would talk about how each was doing, or how far the other one had gotten on a certain game. But, Angel’s favorite part about the walk home is that they never went straight home. They continued to walk until they reached the end of town, the part that broke off into the woodland, the unclaimed parts. They continued to walk, until they came to a clearing. The clearing had a hill, and on top of that hill, was a huge tree. They both raced to get up there. Once they got up to the tree Leto sat down. Angel looked down at him, he looked up and smiled. He laid his legs apart, so that there was a empty spot. Angel smiled, and sat between his legs. Leto hugged her from behind “Your little throne.” Angel smiled and stared out at the beautiful scenery, she leaned back into his chest and closed her eyes. After a couple of minutes of silence, Leto asked “Has your father named his heir yet?” Angel’s gaze drifted down “Nope.” Leto looked out into the field that was in front of them “I bet he’ll choose you.” Angels looked up at him “How do you know?” Leto gave a smug grin “because, out you and your brothers, I think you have more brains on the right side of your head, then they do put together.” With this comment, she blushed a little bit. “Maybe he will pick me.” Leto responded “I know he will.”

    End Chapter One