• Black Blood
    Chapter 1
    I walk along the street, trying to look normal but I fell people staring at me. I duck my head into my jacket even more so people won’t see my face. I just wanted to get out of there and get home, but instead of taking my shortcut, I had to go the long way to get home. “ Gee thanks, foster Loser.” I muttered to myself. I had always been different after my parents died. I always tried my best to be a good kid with all my foster parents, but I always seemed to get in trouble. Then I was always sent to another family. I sighed as I saw the house. This house was way worse then my other 50 I’ve been to. The foster mom was really nice to me and cared, but the foster guy, ( I call him foster loser always to his face) has hated me the first time he saw me. He said I was trouble and I was sarcastic, ( I was all these things, but still…) And I hated him from the start too.
    I opened the door and hung up my jacket. “ why if it isn’t The Brat. I thought you would have run away by now.” Said the foster loser as he walked around the corner. I glared at him and noticed how he looked compared to my foster mom. He was short, I was taller then him, and he was going bald. He always wore a flannel shirt. Not a very pretty site if you ask me. “ Yeah I’m here. You got a problem with that?” I asked as I walked by him, to the stairs. He grabbed my shoulder and I turned around. “ Alright Brat. You win, I’m going to ship you out of here.” He said. I was happy until I remembered my foster mom. I really liked her. I looked at the ground and he started laughing. I glared up at him. He was about to say something else when the door was kicked in.
    Loser spun around. “ Who?!?!?!” He said, very mad. Then he stopped when he saw who it was. I looked around him and saw a girl around 20 standing in the door. She gave him a smile. “ Sorry about your door. I’m here to get Sky.” She said looking at me. “ Fine. Take her.” Said the loser, shrugging. “ What?!?!? Just like that?!?!” I almost snarled. I was about to go after him when I heard the girl say, “ He’s not worth it Sky.” I looked at her and saw her smiling kindly at me. “ Now come on. We have places to be.” She called over her shoulder as she walked out the door. I didn’t have a second thought as I ran to catch up to her.

    I walked along the sidewalk. Smiling at all my friends. We had just gotten out of school and we were on our way home. We were laughing and having fun, but I had had a weird feeling in my gut all day. Part of me was laughing and joking along with my friends, but the other part of me was telling me something bad was coming. “ Bye Alli! See ya tomorrow in school!” Yelled all of my friends as they went their separate ways to their houses. Then I as left all alone. I started walking home, but that bad feeling just got worse. By the time I got home, I was glancing around everywhere. I practically ran into my house and slammed the door behind me. “ Honey? What’s the matter?” Asked my mom as she came around the corner from the kitchen. A worried look on her face. “ I’m fine mom, I guess I just freaked my self out. That’s all.” I said smiling. She smiled back, but I still saw the worry in her eyes. “ Well, ok. I know how you do that sometimes honey.” She said as she walked in the kitchen. “ I’m going to Mellissa’s if that’s ok.” I called. “ Sure honey. Just be back by dark.” My mom yelled back. I took off out the door, not paying any more attention to my bad gut feeling. I didn’t even look around as I walked. Although later I realized, I probly should have paid attention.

    I woke up to my alarm blaring. I sighed. I’d missed another day of school, but I didn’t really care. I got up and put some pants on and a clean t-shirt. I didn’t even bother to brush my hair, it was never right anyway. I stretched as I walked out my front door. I looked up and saw dark clouds in the sky. “ Going to rain.” I muttered as I walked. I looked at people running inside as it started to rain. I just pulled up my hood and walked. I liked walking because it gave me time to think or just clear my head. Besides, it calmed me down. I was walking by an alley opining when I heard a noise. I stopped and looked in the alley. “ Hello? Anyone there?” I called. I heard a small little whimper and I went further down the alley. I got to the end and saw a little boy, around 6, crying. “ What’s the matter kid?” I asked, kneeling down so I looked him in the face. I had a soft spot for kids. “ Hehehe. Your soft heart is going to get you killed.” He said. “ What? Is this some kind of joke?” I asked. Just then these guys stepped into the opening of the alley. I spun around. The guys stalked towards me. “ Hey! What are you doing?!” I yelled as they came closer. I was about ready to fight when this girl dropped out of nowhere and started fighting. She knocked one of the guys back and the kid and the other guy ran, fear in their eyes. The girl turned to me. “ Who are you?” I asked. But she just gave me a smile. “ Come on. I’ll explain all this to you when we get you together with the others.” She said and started to walk away. “ Wait! What others!” I called as I ran after her.

    I looked behind my shoulder as I ran. Smiling like an idiot as I saw no one following me. YES!!!! I screamed in my head. I had finally got away from my foster father. He had been such a mean and horrible man, that I just had to leave and get out there. I shifted the backpack on my shoulder so I could run better. All I had in there were a couple pair of cloths and a little bit of food. I also stole about 200 dollars out of my foster fathers wallet. So I was set for a while. That will give me enough time to find my brother. I thought as I slowed down to a walk. Just then I heard, “ Hey!” I turned around and there stood a girl. She was glaring right at me. “ What?” I asked, confused. “ Your coming with me!” She said as she walked to me. I backed up a step and she laughed. “ Your scared aren’t you? Your wondering what I want from you?” She asked and then laughed again. I just nodded. “ Well, it’s simple. I work for my master and my master wants you dead. So I’m going to kill you.” She said with an evil smile on her face. I backed up just as a guy came up and knocked the girl out. “Who?” I asked. But the guy said, “ Come on. I’ll take you somewhere you can be safe.” He said as he walked off, and I followed.