• The p***k stood up and walked out of the kitchen, the tall man that seemed to follow him everywhere stood up and went with him.
    I pulled away from Kit and kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry." I say trying to make him stop crying.
    He sniffled and blushed. "I can't believe I'm crying... I shouldn't let that mother f*****'s words get to me so easily. I should be like you and bark at him." He smiled.
    I chuckled. "Bark at him, huh?" I patted his head. "I didn't realize I was barking."
    He shrugged. "You weren't really barking, just growling."
    I kissed his forehead again. "I realized that part."
    His misserable mood had seemed to vanish away from his face, but I knew it still stung in his heart. So I would have to stear it clear from that p***k, and make sure that Kit didn't accidentally bump into him alone. I don't think I would be able to keep myself from beating the s*** out of that guy if that happened. I might just flip my whole lid... Again...
    The desert came shortly after.
    Two women dressed in red kimono's walked into the room holding silver tray's. They smiled and walked up to the table.
    My stomach growled as the scent of something sweet drifted into the air.
    Kit leaned forward, seeming just as anxious as I was.
    They set them down and bowed their heads in respect.
    "Thanks." I thank them reaching to open the lid on top of the silver trays.
    Kit threw off his lid and gasped. "I love chocolate!" He shreiks ruining the surprise for me.
    I sighed and took my cover off anyway.
    Oh crap... It's chocolate...
    I sniffed it and wrinkled my nose.
    Something's wrong with it...
    I poked it with a clean fork and felt the cake was rather gooey.
    Kit took his fork and stabbed into it.
    A soft splattering noise and then the feeling of wet went over my left side.
    I looked over at Kit and saw his body was stained with blank ink.
    I'm going to kill that p***k.
    The women gasped and ran over, trying to apologize.
    My eye twitched as I stood up and headed for the door.
    Knowing exactly what I was going to do next I began imagining whipping the floor with that guys face and then leaving him hanging on the drying line outside. Or throwing him in front of a train. Or tying him to a tree and then knocking the tree over so he squished. Or putting exlax in his food so he has the runs for a few days. I grin at just the mental image of his pain and walk faster.
    My arm was stained with ink, but I didn't care. I wanted to get that b****** before anything else.
    Laughter came from a room near by and my gut tightened.
    I threw the door open and growled.
    The p***k was leaning against a wall and his eyes on mine.
    I smiled back at him and walked up to him.
    He tilted his head. "Did you like your desert?"
    I nodded. "I loved it."
    He grinned. "Did you now?"
    I nodded again feeling sick just looking at the p***k. "I loved it just as much as I love you, p***k." I hiss.
    He shrugged. "I guess I just have that effect on people."
    "Oh, yeah. I've fallen head over heals for you and your wonderful attitude." I say sarcasticly.
    He grinned. "Right back at you." He says taking a step closer, getting off the wall.
    I growled. "Really?"
    He nodded and reached for my face, caressing my cheek softly. "Sure."
    I moved before I could think. My body just reacting to my hate for him. I raised my fist and got him in the face before I could prosses even clentching my fist.
    He grunted and fell to the floor, holding his hurt face. "Ahh~! Mother s*** f***er!"
    I kicked him in the stomach and smiled. "F*** you, p***k!" I boom.
    He groaned in pain and curled into a ball. "I'll get you, dog."
    I bent down close to his face and grinned. "I dare you." I say before grabbing him by his long hair and dragging his head up. "I really, dare you."

    The rest of the time I spent in his room was me simply punching him and sometimes and kicking him till someone heard the ruccus and walked in on the action.
    Which actually turned out to be the man that's always with him.
    I just simply smiled and walked past him, not paying any mind to the guy.
    Now I was in Kit's room while he took a bath and cleaned the ink off of him.
    I stood in the living room looking out the slid open door leading to an outside garden. I wasn't going to leave Kit alone till I knew he wasn't in the main focus of that p***k's revengful gaze.
    Kit walked out while wrubbing the water out of his hair with a towel, and smaller one rapped around his waist. "You're still here?"
    I nodded and smiled at him. "Of course."
    "You want me to leave?" I ask tilting my head.
    He shook his head and smiled. "No. I want you to stay with me tonight. I dont want that sycho trying to kill you in your sleep." He says crossing his arms over his chest and glaring off to the side in anger.
    I chuckled. "Thanks. I feel loved."
    He shrugged. "It's what I'm here for."
    I grinned and walked up to him. "No." I put my arms around his waist. "Your here because you want to, and our kind is supposed to stay together."
    He smiled and nuzled my neck. "Then lets stay closer together then anyother one of our kind has before."
    I blushed. "Uhm..."
    He looked up at me with misty eyes. "Please?" He begged.
    I felt something warm and wet run down my lip from my nose.
    He grinned and got this predator like look in his eyes. "I see you understand what I'm talking about. Then it won't be hard to do much else." He says in almost a whisper.
    I tried to take my arms away. "I don't think we should do something like-."
    He crammed his lips against mine suddenly and grabbed onto my shirt, holding me there.
    I stared at his closed eyes and blinked, having hundreds of thoughts run through my head all at once.
    He pulled his lips away and opened his eyes. "It's rude to stare."
    I smiled and kissed him back, running my fingers through his wet hair.
    Kit panted wrapped his arms around my neck. "I love you."
    I kissed his lips softly and pulled him against me. "I love you too."

    The next morning I woke up with a satisfied feeling in my body and the sound of birds made me feel like I was having a good dream. The sun was coming in from a window that was higher then a lot others, and shinning on my feet, keeping them warm. And a body holding my back tightly.
    I sighed contently and opened my eyes.
    The arms wrapping around me tightened.
    My smile widened and I held one of the hands. "Kit?"
    A groan came from behind me. "Shut up. It's too early... And I'm still tired." He whinned.
    I chuckled and kissed the warm hand. "Aw. Come on. I'm not saying you have to get up or anything, I just wanted to hear your voice and make sure this wasn't all just a good dream." I say truthfully.
    He nuzzled my back and smiled. "Good. Because I would scratch your big balls off if you made me get up."
    I laughed. "That sounds... interesting."
    He nibbled on my skin randomly and chuckled.
    I spun over, facing him and grinned. "No biting."
    He put his arm around my neck and pulled my face into his.
    I chuckled and kissed him back.
    He nibbled softly on my lip.
    I put my hand on his neck and grinned. "Knock it off."
    He bit the skin of my tender lips again and then licked them over.
    I straddled him and pulled my face away. "No. Biting is bad, Kit."
    He grinned again and tried to kiss me.
    I pushed his chest down and shook my head. "No. Didn't you have enough of biting and scrathing and kissing last night?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.
    He shook his head and pushed me off him. "No." He purr's getting on top of me and grinned mischeviously at me. "Not even close."
    I blushed.
    He kissed me and purred loudly.
    God, I love that sound.
    I reached up and tried to push him off.
    He grabbed my arms and pinned them down on the mattress. "No. Thats a no no. Let Kit do what Kit wants, and he'll let you go."
    I growled. "Kit needs to get off."
    "Dog needs to calm down." He grinned.
    "Cat needs to get off."
    "Dog needs to calm down."
    "Cat needs to get off."
    His hand grazed to 'dark' places and he got that predator look in his eyes.
    I gasped and tried not to make any noises that wound make it seem like I was going to give in to such a sly move.
    "Give up." He grinned.
    "Never." I hiss.