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    The End
    It was a cold day in Wyoming, and I’d climbed over the fence of the wildlife reserve. I was in Yellowstone National Park with my mom.“Hayden!” Robby and my mom called at me from the other side of the fence. “Hayden, come back!” But I wasn’t listening. I was staring at the cheetah in my path. I heard my mom climb over the fence. She ended up next to me. “Mom, I like it.” I said. All of what happened next was very vivid in my memory.
    I saw the cheetah walk, then trot into a run towards me. It had its teeth bared. I knew if I didn’t move, I was dead. Mom knew so too. But yet I stood my ground, as if I was frozen in place. “Come on!” Mom shouted. “Come on, move!” But instead of helping, she aimed her gun at the cheetah, and just as it was about to pounce, just as she was about to shoot, I ran. It struggled with her, biting and scratching. I admit it, it was my fault. Mom was cut up pretty bad, but she didn’t let go.
    I was shocked, and then I tried to get the cheetah off her. It pinned mom to the ground and was probably about to maul her when I got her gun and shot it. I lifted it off her and I started sobbing, staring at the cheetah. The poor thing that did not have to die. I looked at my mother. I looked behind her…and my jaw dropped. A grizzly bear was coming towards the cheetah’s body. The park rangers were nowhere in sight. Then I saw them, two men. They closed the gate, wicked grins on their faces. Robby was trying to stop them, but it was too late.
    I saw my mom turn around to face the bear. She whispered to me, “Run”. When I moved, the bear lunged, but she jumped in front of me. “No!” I screamed. I ran and tried to shoot the bear with Mom’s gun, but it bat me aside, breaking two of my ribs. I flew through the air into the fence, which two new park rangers quickly opened and saved me, but then they saw my mother. The bear was biting at her neck, and she fighting, shouting for help. Robby was next to me, screaming. They supported me to stand up, but I was trying to fight, to shout back to my mom. The rangers settled me as much as they could and killed the bear. We took my mother to the hospital with me, which was where I was now.
    A month later I was out the hospital but she was still there. I visited her every day. Today, though, she was awake! Bloody, but awake! When I saw her I grimaced. Most of her hair was gone, and her head and neck were scratched up the most. “Ma?” I asked softly. She mumbled to me. “I love you.” Then she heaved a painful sigh. She started to close her eyes. “Ma, no please!” I said. She smiled at me, a smile that showed no happiness.
    “Ma!” I said, as she closed her eyes and took one last breath. The heart monitor started beeping. I kept looking from the heart monitor to her pain stricken dead face. I couldn’t believe she’s gone I wasn’t going to cry though. I got up and walked right out of that hospital, healing ribs and all, and never went back. I went and got Robby. I just ran out those doors, and kept going until I got back to Yellowstone National Park. I stared into that fence. I ran with Robby, and broke into a pet shop. I stole a kitten. She was my life now…

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    I filled out the “All About Me” Section of my website:
    Name: Hayden Lantsana
    Age: Seventeen
    Career: Lead singer in Band
    Relationships: Robby, my brother.
    Description: Me and Robby’s mom died when I was ten years old. I don’t like bears, but I love cats. Some consider me as a thief, and I’m a juvenile delinquent.
    Favorite Quote: “Try and stop me.” Robby Lantsana

    I submitted, just as Robby came in the room. “We’re on.” He said. I got up, and together we walked onto the stage, me wearing a sky blue and black dress and boots. My hair had blue highlights too. Everyone cheered, and then went quiet. The beat started slow. I let my curly black hair down as it sped up. The song turned into a rock song. Everyone was dancing and singing along. My band was called Bearing Kittens. My pet tabby kitten, Ash, came on the stage. I put the microphone in front of his little face and he growled as part of my song. I pet him. While singing the lyrics:
    “Got to find a way to go on…! Move on, break through, without losing everything…”
    I Sang, “Make it happen, show it slowly.” While Robby sang, “I can’t do it, someone help me.” We started dancing, the band and the audience. We let people on the stage as I sang, “Got to Go on!.” I slowed down as the song ended. I smiled and said, “Thank you everyone! You rock!” And I threw the microphone to the audience, who passed it on from people to people as I walked backstage.
    That was going to be my last performance for the season, and I had totally rocked it! I was happy for myself and the world. I shook it off and turned on my laptop. Ash walked in the room. I rubbed behind his ear. He licked my hand and jumped up on my lap. “Wanna go for a walk?” I asked. He gave me a cute nod. Yeah. He could do things like that. He understood me and I understood him. Just like me and Robby. I got up off the couch I’d been sitting on and put on my jacket. I picked him up and walked backstage out into the hallway then out the door.
    Robby followed. I ran with Ash. We stopped at the local park so he could play. That’s when I saw Robby. He was hiding behind a tree, trying to be stealth. I wondered how many times he’d done that before I noticed. I left him there and pretended not to see him. I carried Ash ran back to the studio. We went up three flights of stairs and out on to the balcony, as people were leaving. I looked at Ash for his approval of what I was about to do, and just as Robby came onto the balcony, Ash meowed loudly as I shouted, “Goodbye Wyoming!!!” Everyone looked up. Some shouted greetings back. Others cheered. One bunch even jumped up with happiness. I laughed and waved as I went inside.
    I let Ash go so he could use the litter box. Robby came in the room. “Hey Robby.” I said. “Hey.” He sat down next to me on the couch. I knew it was the time of day for him to ask, but I didn’t feel like it today. Still, I waited for the question. As if he had been waiting for the thought, Robby asked, “What happened?” This startled me. It also angered me, but this was a new question. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Did you not see that monster tear her apart?” I said a little too harshly. Robby looked away. “Look, I’m sorry you almost died too, but I’m sick of this, Hayden, I’m sick of it. Staying here, pretending to be what we’re not, pretending to have what we don’t. You’re not my mom. She’s dead! We never had a dad so stop pretending we have a family, because we don’t! Just make it stop! All the paparazzi wanting to get a scoop on our inside lives, make it stop!” Robby said. He stood up and walked back on the stage, slamming the studio door as he left.
    I screamed in agony and buried my face in the couch pillow. Ash came running. He hopped up on the couch and nudged me. I looked into his eyes. He licked me in understanding. Robby almost ran back in the room. “I’ll make it stop.” My voice cracked slightly He put his arms around me. “I’m sorry.” He said. Even though he’s younger, he’s wiser. He’s only sixteen. Ash’s only a week. I picked up Ash and rubbed his head. He sat on my lap, purring softly. Robby rubbed Ash. “We’re gonna be alright.” I said. I got up, Ash in one arm, my other hand in Robby’s.