• Arisha ran as fast as she could to the creek for today was the day mother and father promised her a treat but first she must meet them there. Oh what great fun this would be! Maybe they will teach me how to hunt or maybe... Her thoughts went on and on untill she finally got to the creek.As she skidded to a halt panic struck her.I smell blood she thought. " mother! Father! where are you??" arisha howled in the air. no answer came back though. She swallowed the bile that had formed in her throte and searched.
    finally she found their remains. clearly the grizzly bear, Yuki, had been one to kill Arisha's parents. Arisha started to howl the song of grief when she smelled something else. It was Yuki! he was coming back to his kill. " isn't it my lucky day 2 wolves and a pup for dinner! lucky indeed." said Yuki licking his chops. "i will avenge them !! you will pay"screeched arisha right before she jumped at Yuki fangs out claws sharp and hatred devilish. Yuki had no idea what hit him but when he did he threw Arisha across the muddy ground that they stood on. Arisha yelped in pain but got back up again and jumped they did this dance several times each time yuki had a piece of himself missing and each time Arisha having a harder time to get up.
    Suddenly arisha collapsed. dead thpught yuki but she fought valiantly. just as he was stepping away to finish his dinner he froze yelling loudly through the forest "noway you can't have poison in your fangs only-. you're one of them aren't you!! your a spirit wolf!" then he fell over dead . Arisha stood up from where she should have layed dead and finished the song of greif. then slowly she said her goodbyes to her parents and went on through the forest. now that she knew what she was her destiny was decided. she would be a warrior for her clan the clan of wolves!