• Life in a battleground isn't always great for anyone, but Ivan was a patriot. Willing to sacrifice his life for the Motherland, he sat with his squad behind the crumbling wall infront of him. One hand grasped around the barrel of his sub-machine gun, waiting for the Katyushka rockets to rain down over the city, his order to charge.

    Then, as if on cue, the rockets flew down from the sky, with a deafening explosion, and hundreds of soldiers popped out like bugs scattering from under a waste bin.

    After the deafening explosions were gunshots, almost non-stop it seemed. Screams of enemy and friendly soldiers wounded in a fight for freedom, as their last visions of their comrades fades to black.

    This was something Ivan had never witnissed before. Only a Private in the Red Army, this was his first mission. To be thrown into the battle towards Berlin.

    Enemy gun fire raining down, and returning gunfire, Ivan's squad rushed towards the large, brick building ahead. An enemy machine gun attempted to pick off the 4-man team, but failed as they ducked behind sandbags.

    Hearts pounding, hands shaking, and this is only the beginning.