• Slap 1 : The Ninjas and a Toaster

    On there first adventure we find Team Rocket wandering the town of Johto.
    "Jesse 'o my words we'll not carry coals!" exclaimed James
    "No, for then we should be colliers!" remarked
    "What the heck are you guys talking about?" asked Meowth
    "I believe the author started our adventure using recycled Shakepeare paper." said James
    "This authors a gag!" Meowth said as tripped
    "What did you trip over?" asked Jesse
    "Nothing! The authors is screwing with me!" Meowth would shout
    "You do know the author has a name." says James
    "Like i care!"
    "Well you should since he did just turned you into a toaster." explained Jesse
    "What?! Just my luck! I breed toast."
    "Who said that!?" asked Meowth
    "Wasnt me, Beleive it!"
    "And you are?" asked James
    "You're looking at the next Hokage! Uzamaki Na--"
    "Naruto! Come on! Your in the wrong fan fic! We have to find the freaks that are making us look bad!" (they exit)
    "...that was weird." Jesse said
    "Told you this author was a gag!" commented Meowth "Alright who wants toast?"

    WHAm! eND!
    Stay tuned for more insane adventures from Team Rocket in Slap 2 The Digi/Poke Arrangement!