• I never asked myself, "Where am I from?"

    Chloe pulled her books out of her locker as I snuk up behind her. She was rummaging slowly through it, and I gently tapped her left shoulder, moving to her right side. She turned to her left, seeing nothing, then turning back in front of her.
    "Ahh!" She jumped in fear when she saw me. "Oh my god Iboni, you scared me!"
    I laughed so hard after that I was crying. Chloe stared at me in humility and anger, and she joined my laughter until it was in sync with mine. Major LOL.
    So here's the deal; My name is Iboni Isis Martin, and I was adopted when I was 2 by the Martins. My adoptive siblings are Chole and Lucas martin, twins at my age of sixteen. I never knew where I came from, only that in social studies I learned Isis was some Egyptian goddess. And Iboni was Egyptian. Something from a really long time ago having to do woth a bunch of dead pharohs. But other than that, I live in Quincy, Illinois and go to Quincy High.
    My friend Seth came up and smiled greatly at me. We were alke because his name was Seth Eros Saint. He was alost adopted at a very young age. So we share lots of stuff. And apparently his 'real name' is Seti, and Egyptian name. I don't believe him. But he's cool because Eros was apparently the god of love in Greek mythology.
    Speaking of Seth, he skipped merrily up to me in his usual black cargo pants with a chain and black and red t-shirt and black converse and eyeliner. He was so goth yet so hyper. It just didn''t work. "Hey, Gazeebo." He joked, smilling. 'Gazeebo' is my nickname because People used to call me Ib. Somehow that morphed into Gazeebo. "Can you come over tonight on a study date with me?" He nudged me a little, raising an eyebrow. He was just being perverted. And joking. Were like siblings.
    "Sure, why not." I nodded.
    "But Iboni..." Lucas came up. "You were gonna bake a cake with Chloe and I tonight!" He whined.
    I hugged my brother. "Okay." I;m not really his brother but I treat him like one. "Sorry Seth. Promises are promises."
    He frowned and turned. "Okay. See you at lunch!"
    I waved as the bell rang, then Chloe and I headed to sixth period; Mr. Wood. He's our social Studies teacher, a bald, tall man who is strict and makes us take notes. But he's my favorete. He always loved to teach me about Egypt and it's history. I can't say it was fascinating, but...
    I jumped into my seat, looking at the board, waiting to start class. I was always good at Social Studies and History. The late bell rang, and the last of people arrived in class.
    "Damon," Mr. Wood did role call slowly, looking tired. "A.J, Mason, Chloe, Ryan, Ibboni..." He looked at me. I smiled brightly, and he nodded back.
    As he continuiously dragged on the role call, I looked around. For the first time I realized something I hadn't realized in a very long time; All these people we're talking about Fathers day for some reason. This was really the first time I thought about this: It's been almost fifteen years and I have never met my real father. My heart fell as I thought about my real parentys.
    Chloe looked at me, but I didn't look back. Class began, but i zoned out in my mind, and only one thing rested in my mind.
    I couldn't live without knowing my parents. I was going to find them.