• We are the invisible; the unseen people of your world. We are the sounds you hear, and then write off as a trick of your mind. No, we are not spirits, nor ghosts, restlessly wondering the face of the earth, never finding a home. We are people, just like you just never seen. This can be annoying, yes, but when you’ve lived with it all your life, and don’t know any better, does it really seem all that bad?

    I had always had a problem with my way of life. I wasn’t GOOD at it like the others were. In my schooling I barely passed every course that had to do with avoiding the visible people. This may have to do with two main things; one was that I was extremely uncoordinated, and two, that I absolutely hate the visible people. Why should THEY get to be visible? What made them so special? And why should we have to hide from them? The only people who knew we were here were the phycics, who we helped with fooling the stupid visible people. My job was to hold up and move around random items in madame Terisas room while she pretended to levitate them. For this I was granted access to anything I wanted from her.

    Normal people don’t go to stores, because it’s really a hassle for those of us who have not gotten to a certain level of training. One person sees a floating bag of chips and you’ve got pandemonium on your hands. I am usually the one who trips over the sidewalk and falls into some random person, who screams because, of course, she cant see me. Then I have to run off, laughing hysterically but trying not to startle her further. This was why I was hated by most of my people. They thought I would be the one to let our secret out to the seen people and they would take us into government buildings and study us.

    Insane, right? Like I would ever do that!

    Occasionally I will pull pranks on the visible people. Okay, you got me, I do it a LOT. It’s just so fun! They get all freaked out and then tell themselves it didn’t happen! What poor saps they were. I enjoyed making them squirm. As you can see, I am one of the trouble makers. No one really likes me, but my parents seem to think my constant flow of trouble making was silly.

    Oh, I’m Cindy, by the way, and I am one of the invisibles.