I'm happy I've fallen in love...but it was at the wrong time in life.

    Every mile that drew me nearer to Matsuda and Orihime's house only broke my heart more. My hand tightened around Kai's and my face fell into apathy. The dream that was buried from a few days ago was violently resurfacing. Was Kai really going to abandon me? Would he just leave me in the middle of Europe?

    "Hey," Kai shook my hand a little, knocking me back to my consciousness. "Why so quiet?" He asked, although it was obvious he knew what I was thinking because his complexion was firm.

    "I don't know," I shrugged.

    The silence drug on as the house drew nearer yet. I held Kai's hand up to my lips and kissed it. We had gone one step closer but it felt like a whole leap to me. I was slowly and gradually making my way there, but did I really want to do what I was doing with Kai? My body didn't seem like mine during that moment.

    "We're here," Kai parked his car.

    My hear and face fell, "Yeah..."

    "Hey," Kai mumbled, pushing some of my hair back and then caressing me, "I'll be back tomorrow."

    I only nodded and leaned my heavy head against Kai's broad shoulder. Kai ran one hand through my hair and kissed the top of my head. He nibbled on the top of my left year. For some reason, despite my strong desire to not leave, I giggled. I leaned forward and started sucking on the skin of Kai's neck. My teeth slowly started nibbling; what was the damage of trying another hickey? I bit a little harder after noticing nothing was really happening. Damn Kai and his Vampire skin.

    Kai chuckled, "I applaud you for your efforts,"

    I'd have continued if a large thud on Kai's car wouldn't have freaked me out. I pulled back and shouted, followed by a flinch. Kai sighed irritably and I could understand once I looked out the windshield; Kira was lounged on the hood, holding head head on his hand and smiling coyly.

    "Hey, baby brother!" Kira grinned.

    "I'll grant you two seconds to remove yourself from my car," Kai frowned. It was surprising; they were talking in normal voices but they could hear each other perfectly.

    "I can't watch?" Kira rose his eyebrows.

    After another half second, I fell against the driver's seat as Kai disappeared. I flinched after noticing Kai had tackled Kira, rolling him off of the hood of the car. From inside of the car, I could hear Kira's booming laughter and Kai's explicit profanity. I jumped out of the car and rounded the front of it, only to nearly fall over in laughter. Kira owned Kai; he held his little brother in a headlock, smudging a noogie on top of his head. Kai was nearly in a giant knot on the ground and he was throwing every word in the book at Kira but, at the same time, holding back his laughter.

    "I spot a love mark on thine neck!" Kira stated dramatically. "Good job, Arisa." He congratulated me with a wink.

    I beamed at Kira, "Thanks,"

    There was another moment of struggling between Kai and Kira and Kira finally released his grip. Kai instantly whipped around and whacked Kira right in his right shoulder, causing a loud boom to echo through the empty land area. Kira thew his head back and laughed while messing up Kai's hair, and I ended up smiling in awe; Kai was laughing, almost too hard. It had been so long since him and Kira could get any brother-brother time in together. Kira was who made him his happiest.

    "Oh, forgot to tell you; Matsuda wants to speak with you." Kira jabbed his finger at the center of Kai's forehead.

    I kneeled down in front of Kai and started brushing some dirt off of his cheek, "What for?"

    There was a pause before I was scooped up suddenly by Kira and draped over his shoulder. He took off towards the house, laughing along the way, "Fear not, my love, for I shall rescue thee!"

    "You're so corny!" I cried out, punching his back as we arrived at the front door.

    Kai entered the front door shortly after Kira and I did and he pulled me off of Kira's shoulder and into his own arms. Kira glanced back at us and him and Kai exchanged frowns. After another moment of immature bickering, Matsuda approached us in the foyer and smiled. Matsuda's smile instantly lightened up the atmosphere and brought about a sense of relaxation.

    "We've made a slight error, Kai," Matsuda smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "I should have lent you my car, and now that Arisa's scent is layered in your car, I'll have to spend tonight cleaning it out. Would you mind staying the night?"

    My heart lept and I looked up at Kai with almost pleading eyes. Kai nodded and shrugged his shoulders, "Sure, I don't see why not,"

    "I vote they sleep in separate rooms!" Kira shouted and shot his hand up. "Kai has a love mark! They've gone wild!"

    Kai wrapped one arm around my waist and we started heading towards the living room. I figured Kai was ignoring Kira, just until Kai's fist abruptly met the back of Kira's head. Although, Kai didn't really have much of a reason to punch him quite as hard because, well, we were pretty close just less than an hour ago. The thought immediately brought red to my cheeks and I hid my face quickly before Kira could take notice.

    "Uncle Kai, you're staying the night!" Ai exclaimed, dropping the xBox remote and dashing over to Kai. She wrapped her arms almost around Kai's waist--he was much too tall for her--and giggled.

    "Just for tonight," Kai smiled, reminding her.

    "Uncle Kai, come play Halo with me!" she grabbed Kai's hand and tried to drag him over. "Uncle Kira taught me how!"

    I heard Kai sigh and mumble Kira's name irritably under his breath. Kai looked down at Ai after I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned my tired head against him, "I can tomorrow, Ai. It's pretty late and Arisa should be sleeping."

    "Promise?" Ai held out her little fist with her pinky extended.

    Kai wrapped his pinky around Ai's as well, sealing a vow, "Promise, kid,"

    Ai smiled and nodded and ran back to the xBox remote just before Kira dove after it, trying to get to the game first. Kai scooped me into his arms and started carrying me up the stairs, treating me like royalty. Before we entered the bedroom, I stopped Kai by gripping his shirt.

    "Lemme go to the bathroom first," I yawned and climbed out of his arms before he answered.

    We went opposite ways and I locked the bathroom door immediately after I entered. I finally allowed my face to blush as much as it needed, due to the detailed moment Kai and me had not too long ago. My heart was beating rapidly but, soon enough, I managed to calm it down. I rubbed my chest a little; I had been feeling a few slight stings since we left the parking lot. I dropped the coat onto the ground and removed my dress and stared at myself in the vanity mirror. My face turned red again...as red as the marks Kai left all over my chest. A very large majority of the marks were on the left side of my neck and chest. Hesitantly, I slowly pulled down the left cup of my bra and gasped. They were everywhere!!!

    "Oh God," I quickly adjusted my bra back in place. "I-I'm a pervert."

    I cracked open the bathroom door and stepped onto a pile of clothes. Glancing down, I noticed the familiar, red, silken fabric of the nightgown I had packed from Kai and mine's house. Quickly, I grabbed the nightgown, shut the bathroom door again, dressed quickly, and exited the bathroom. Just as I had exited the bathroom, Kira came up the stairs and spotted me.

    "Well hi!" he grinned.

    "You know nothing!!" I shouted and ran into Kai's bedroom, slamming the door behind me. Even though Kira probably didn't see the marks, I still freaked out as though he did.

    "You okay?" I whipped around as Kai asked me. One of his eyebrows was cocked and he looked...confused.

    "Uh..." I bit my lip and blushed. "It's nothing."

    "Are you sure, Miss Pervert?" Kai pursed his lips together, suppressing his laugh.

    I buried my burning face in my clothes and approached the bed blindly. My face was too red and too hot; the clothes would surely combust into flames at any minute. I threw the clothes on the ground and hopped into the bed, facing Kai. Kai turned onto his side and chuckled at me, touching his cold fingers to my hot cheek. My face cooled down a little bit and I pressed my warm fingertips to his cool cheek.

    "Was I too rough?" Kai cocked his eyebrow again and smirked.

    "Shut up; it's embarrassing," I hissed. "I'll be wearing turtlenecks for days. They look like chicken pox."

    Kai's arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer to him, "Then don't itch them,"

    "Qu-quit it, you're embarrassing me," I looked down.

    Kai's firm lips pressed against the top of my head and he breathed evenly with his cool breath tussling a few strands of my hair, "One year ago today," he sighed.

    "Yeah...and it'll be a year ago in a few days that you first attacked me," I calmed down a little--giggling--after knowing he was changing the subject. I snickered. "It humors me that we're celebrating the anniversary of my kidnapping."

    "Originally, it would be a bad thing, but we're merely calling it the day we met," he chuckled. "I sound corny, do I not?"

    I giggled, "A little,"

    Kai rolled onto his back and I laid myself on his chest and pecked his lips, "Thank you for tonight. I had a good time."

    "I can show you better," he winked at me.

    I huffed and turned onto my side away from Kai, "God, you're such a pervert!"

    Kai's arms wrapped around my waist from behind and his body outlined the back frame of my body and kissed my head, "Mais je t'aime beaucoup,"

    "I find it humorous, also, that women find your quotes and foreign language so attractive, but yet I can't help but think they're corny,"

    "That's because you've watched too many sappy love movies in your life," he whispered into my ear and chuckled.

    "I'm going to bed," I ignored him, consumed by exhaustion.

    As I closed my eyes and made an attempt at sleep, Kai had moved down so that his lips could press in between my shoulder blades. His arms moved down to my hips and he sighed, repeatedly kissing the skin on my back. My heart leaped and goosebumps grew on my skin from the cold of Kai's lips. It almost felt a dream...how far I went with Kai not too long ago. We didn't go all the way, but surely we were on our way, right? But I still didn't feel fully prepared.

    "Je t'aime beaucoup..." Kai mumbled, barely audible. "Beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup...tu est mon amour maintenant et pour toujours..."

    Even though I couldn't understand half of what he said, my heart actually sped up with excitement and adoration. Kai truly knew his way to a woman's heart, and he chose a weak one like mine. One year with him...we should probably be thankful I've survived even this long.