• Chapter One: In which I meet Mr. Perfect

    My life used to be a normal teenage girls’ life. Talking about boys, shopping, freaking out when your hair doesn’t look perfect. That was my daily routine, until the day I met Jared.

    That Monday morning, my posse was hanging around my desk in Math. We were gossiping about Carey Nuttley. Immature, right? Well, Mr. Robinson strode into the room with the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen tailing him.

    “Class, I’d like you to meet your new classmate, Jared Sydin,” Mr. Robinson rumbled in his baratone voice. The boy, Jared, gave a shy smile. He surveyed the room and his eyes landed on me. Jared’s eyes seemed to spark, and he smiled wider.

    I began to blush as my friends all nudged me with their elbows, whispering such nonsense as “Oo-la-la!” and “Got yourself a beau, huh, Cal?”

    Girls scrambled to their seats as Mr. Robinson began to take attendance. Thanks to my friends, the one open seat in the room was next to me. Jared shuffled down the aisle and carefully placed his backpack underneath the chair.

    I noticed it had a strange button upon it, about the size of a dollar coin. The symbol in the middle looked like a pentagram with a swirl radiating from the center. At that time, I thought it was just ornamental, but I was just stupid back then.

    Jared must have noticed I was staring at him, because he turned to me and gave a little wave. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, so I thrust out my clammy hand towards him.

    “Hi, I’m Caleigh Foder,” I said with what I hoped was a strong, intelligent voice.

    Jared stared at my hand for a second and lighty put his around mine. It was rough, as if he’d been doing lot’s of physical work.

    “Jared Sydin. Pleasure to meet you.”