• It seemed like a caual day in florida. I was sitting on the beach, just enjoying the air, when I heard a scream. I looked over and a girl in a bikini was running from a large man with blood flying out from his mouth. I got up and ran into the man. As I rammed him with my shoulder, I saw that he was hardly human. His jaw was ripped and extended, and his eyes were black. not just the iris, but the entire eye was blackened out. I reached my arm out to make a punch as he squirmed under my knees. I swung my right arm into the guys face/jaw- thing. It screamed a scream like no other. High pitched and scratchy, like it was two people screaming. It pushed me off of it at screamed again. I dropped to my knees and grabbed my ears. The sound was terrifying and painful to hear. I looked up releasing my ears and my eyes grew wide. The guys arm was growing. The skin began to fall of and rip as black goo filled into it. His arm urned into half an arm-half a giant black claw. He ran at me and swung it around. I ducked as quickly as I could, and I thanked god for andreniline rushes. I was moving quicker and hitting harder than ever before. I kicked my bare foot up from the sand and swung it into the things ribs. I could hear the cracking of one. It fell back and grabbed its chest with the human hand. I thought it was doing it in reaction to pain, but instead it ripped the skin off. Another black claw came out and some more skin peeled away. this claw was much smaller though and unextended. I took a breath and asked
    "What the hell is this thing?"
    I looked to my left and saw the girl being eaten by someone. I thought to myself
    'Oh great. Now I just got into an un-winable fight for nothing.'
    I looked at the creature before me and contimplated wether to fight it now or just give up and run. I shook my head and said
    "It's not worth it. I gotta get oughta here!"
    I took off and headed into the city streets, but without any more luck. People everywhere were either running and screaming or being eaten and screaming. I put my fist into the palm of my hand and cracked it.
    "Well, this oughta be fun"
    I ran through the line of empty or bloody cars, jumping over 'em and weaving in and out of 'em. I knew that town like the back of my hand. I was headed to the pawn shop to pick up some weapons that i could use to fight these things, hopefully guns. I wasn't at all ready for what was instore for me.