• "Hey Thorne, did you get any sleep last nigth at all?" "Nope." friends are good for many things; trust, support, you know the basics. But sometimes they can be just plain annoying.

    You see over the past couple of days I haven't been sleeping. My friends and family are getting worried. Considering, i am a 15 year old emo-vegan-satanist adding 'insomniac' to the list would make me sound like some sort of freak.

    I have 5 main budds, Jess, Liam, Ryan, Kaitlyn and Sky. Jess is the one who tends to get a little annoying, Sky is Liam's girlfriend and my best friend since grade 4, Ryan is my cousin, and Kaitlyn has been my friend since grade 8.

    As I walked through the halls of Allandale Grove High School I noticed that people were looking at me weird, I looked at myself in the window of the classroom that I was passing and decided that it was either the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, the Pentagram hanging around my neck to represent my religion, or the bottle of V8 in my bag for my vegan diet. Whatever it was it didn't bother me, much.

    "Thorne!" Jess called as she ran down the hall towards me "Yeah?" I yawned, "Do I look okay?" she asked me looking concerned. "Yeah, fine, why?" I asked ''People are looking at me funny!" she complained. "Me too." i said with a sigh. "Me three." said Ryan as he walked up with Kaitlyn who then said "Me four." "Me five!" Liam sighed and wrapped his arm around his girlfriend, Sky's waist. "Me six." said Sky looking around excitedly.

    * * To Be Continued. . . * *