• Real Life Fantasy Feels like Hell

    Chapter X – Haunting Past

    “BEEP BEEP BEEP,” That dreadful sound from hell, I’m thinking to myself as that annoying alarm goes off. “Damn school!” I turn on my bed and smack the alarm off the table. “I still have an hour” I continue thinking to myself and close my eyes again. About 15 minutes later, “BEEP BEEP BEEP.” “DAMN! I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock earlier and now the alarm clocked is out of my reach!” I thought out loud.

    “Riiise and shine!!” Screams Puppy as he burst through my door, rushing with a bucket into my room. “Time for school!” He continued, and when I found out what he had the bucket for, it was already too late. The b*****d emptied the bucket of water at my face! Shaking my head, I growl and tackle him to the ground, while he’s laughing his head off. “You got me all wet! Puppy I’m going to kill you!!” I scream at puppy, exacerbated as I tackled him to the floor.

    Puppy just smiles and responds with a silly face, “You look cute when you’re angry.” With an evil though I smiled back slyly. That’s when I just grabbed him and drag him to the bathroom. “Wait, wait a sec. Chibi what are you- OH MY GOD!” were the words he screamed when I threw him in the bathtub and turned the shower on his face. After Puppy slipped a few times in the bathtub and hit his head he darted out of the bathroom soak and wet, leaving a lake of a trail behind. I think I was laughing harder then him; hell everything that just happened was perfectly funny!

    I hear him screaming from downstairs “Gah! Because of you I don’t have enough time to get to school dry! You’re evil for an angel!” “You don’t like getting wet, eh?” I question him. “Shut up!” He responded. Since I was already in the bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, then go back to my room and change to my clothing. I decided to wear these baggy pants, full of chains with black in the back with red lining decorating the front of them.

    Striped black and red socks along with the pants. Also my black and white striped shirt. Yay for stripes! So more people can look at me with fear! “Having another moment Chibi? No second to loose lets start heading to school!” I blushed after I found out I thought out loud.

    But he’s right; I grabbed my school bags and raced downstairs. He was waiting there, in front of his main house door dripping wet. Again I burst out laughing of his irritated face as each drop of water that fell from his hair and hit his face. “Shut up!” Again Puppy shouts out loud at me. I just smile at him and open the door.

    “Your crazy for getting me this wet in the winter!” “You’ll get over it,” I tell him. He growls and sighs. We continue to walk to school. Once we got there, I got to my locker to get whatever I needed, but something felt wrong. “I feel as if something’s subspecies…” I whisper to Puppy.

    “Why is that?” He asked confused. “I don’t know, just a feeling” I whisper on. “Hm, keep your head up then, we wouldn’t want anything to happen.” I nodded and continued to my home classroom. My teacher introduced this student teacher.

    My teacher explained that she’s supposed to be observing what the students were doing in the classroom. But something fishy was about her; she kept glaring at only me specifically. Only when I look at her she turn’s her head, but when I’m not she looks back at me. I can sense it. Another thing I noticed is that she was in all of my classrooms as well!

    By the time it was lunch, I wasn’t hungry. Puppy started sitting next to me in lunch like the stalker he is, except he always gets food and always has his face on his tray. “You’re such a pig, Puppy!” Puppy then just wipes his face and smiles at me. “Anyways, you know how I told you I had this feeling earlier today?” Puppy then nodded as he’s swallowing his food.

    I started to tell him about the random student teacher that was in my homeroom, and how she would look at me and seems to be in all of my classes. “Look! There she is right now!” I point at the table from across the cafeteria. She then looked away from us immediately and Puppy tilted his head. Puppy has swallowed his food by the time I pointed her out. “Looks like you found Waldo, but yea, she does look a bit familiar.”

    “Hay Chibi, you know if we think of each other at the same time, we could visit each other with our minds?” “That’s interesting, why haven’t you told me before?” “I forgot, but it may come in handy later.” We then started talking about random topics, and had a little fun chat until the bell rang, alerting that lunch is over. As usual, that stalker teacher was stalking me as always, and looking at me like I’m some sort of freak.

    I was getting sick of it; I couldn’t wait to go home. Hopefully, she won’t be back tomorrow. Or else I swear my nerves will get to me and I’ll massacre her! Finally the final bell rang, and the brat went out the school entrance. I went to my locker, and started grabbing my stuff.

    Puppy then showed up laughing a bit. “Funny news, Billy is now being homeschooled due to the fact he kept coming home from school bruised and cut open everywhere!” I then burst out laughing. “One down, everyone else to go!” I yelled out. “Any sign of your stalker?” Asked puppy

    “Yea, right next to me!” I answered him. He then pouts and says “You’re the one who follows me home.” I reply “You’re the stranger who offered!” “Anyways! Where is that stalker teacher person??” Puppy then yelled out. “Well, she walked out the door a few minutes earlier, but that’s all I know,” I finely tell him.

    “About damn time you gave me an answer!” Puppy joked, “Well I got to go outside and look for something, I accidently dropped my flea collar. “Seriously Puppy, a flea collar?” I asked, laughing. “Hay! Flea’s are a real pain in my a**!” Puppy whimpers annoyed, “Well I’m going out to look for that thing now”. Puppy was gone by the time he finished that sentence. I don’t know why he doesn’t just buy a new flea collar; it would be a pain to look for it with the crowd of kids outside.

    The day feels rather weird; I had this feeling since I stepped into my classroom. A really bad one too, such as memories that comes back to haunt you. Since I haven’t received any work from my classrooms, I decided to just leave my things inside of my locker. I walked outside, and thought to myself that perhaps I’ll just wait at Puppy’s house. He would want to go straight home, and he would be able to know I’m already there anyways.

    I’m starting to walk where I would call home; once I reach the edge of the block next to the school’s block, something grabs my arm. It’s that student teacher! She was staring down at me; she was wearing sunglasses at the moment. “Let go of me! RAAAPE!” I yelled out. “Get in the car!” Screamed the thing.

    I look at her, and studied her for a bit. I knew she looked familiar! She’s Lora! It’s the one adoption woman, except she changed her hair, clothing, and even had contacts on to change her eye color. She must’ve been desperate to get her hands on me.

    I yanked my arm free from her grip, and then started running towards the forest as fast as I could. But then a pitch black car rushed in front of me, screeching as it slides onto the road in front of me. Knowing I’m a bit away from the crowd, I felt a bit hopeless. I still have my legs to run with though! I tried to run away from the car, but then the car doors swung open and two large men in no other color but black sprinted out of the car seats and ran at me.

    At the pace I’m running, I couldn’t get away. One of then grabbed onto me and held my arms behind my back. He had a tight grip on me, no one was really saying anything, but I started screaming at the top of my lungs. I was hoping someone would hear and perhaps see me. But all I saw was the other man raise his hand and strike at my head. Everything was black to me afterwords.