• "Hey look, its the rejects." we look over and see that its none other than Josie, the most popular girl in school. "Are looking in some invisible mirror?" i asked. "What are you talking about?" Josie demanded looking annoyed, "I mean, you and your 'possy' are the rejects. Not us." "You wish, Thorne. And why don't you try and keep your blood INSIDE your body, like NORMAL people." she said with a smile. She pivoted on her heel and walked away. "Shes a real b!tch." Sky said. "Yeah." i agreed. The bell rang for first period and we all sprinted to our classes.

    I sat down in my usual seat near the back and started doodling. "Thorne." I looked up from my drawing of a cartoon bunny holding a carrot and almost had a heart attack. Standing infront of me was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. I had had a crush on him since grade 9 and it never seemed to go away. "Oh, hey Justin," i said trying to look cool and hot at the same time, "Whats up?" I continued. "Nothing much, can I sit here?" He asked. "Umm, yeah sure." I replied and smiled to myself, i was never going to be able to concentrate on the lesson with Justin sitting beside me, but that was a sacrifice i was willing to make.

    First period was all a blur, I remember the teacher talking and me looking like a total idot infront of the whole class when i couldn't answer a math problem. But now i had another problem. . .

    ** To Be Continued **