• After Things Change and Beast Boy's heart break, we never knew what really happened for the teen titans. This is a few days after they took out that one morfing monster thing. If you don't like Rae/BB grouping then please don't diss on it.

    Beast Boy's door opened with the usual mechanical zip. He stepped out and walked down to the 'living room'. Starfire was sipping mustard while watching Robin and Cyborg duke it out on their favorite video game. Everything looked the same but something was missing. He just couldn't put his finger on it. Hearing the door open Star looked over. "Oh, will you join the festivities Beast Boy?" she asked sweetly. Robin paused the game and turned around. "Oh, Beast Boy.... how's it goin?"
    Beast Boy faked a smile. Suddenly he noticed something rather odd. "Is that Raven's?" he asked in a rather shocked voice. They all turned to see a hard leather book, dark brown with yellow aged pages. "Ya... where'd she go?" Robin said looking around. Beast Boy had a feeling he knew where she was. "I'll be right back..." he said as he walked back through the door.

    Up on the roof there was another book. It was opened to the very begining and was laying on the ground. As Beast Boy bent down to pick it up he saw it was completely blank. He grabbed it with both hands, and was pulling it up when a bright light illuminated from it. He dropped it and sheilded his eyes when everything around him went completely black.

    Beast Boy's eyes fluttered open and he sat up. He was in what looked like a castle's first hall. It was complete with marble everything, ceiling to floor windows, and draperies all over. It was dark though. Everything was black and violet, even the light coming from the windows were gray. "Uhh... Hello?" he called out. His voice rang off the walls, sending echoes of his mumbles through the entire place.
    "Beast boy?" Came a firmiliar voice. He turned around to see Raven. She was standing on a grand double stair case, one hand resting on the hand rail the other near her heart. She was wearing a beautiful black gown that came off the shoulders and complimented her hour glass form. "Raven! What the? How in? Where!" he stuttered, half yelling.
    She rushed down to see him. He saw that her hair was slightly up in a ribbon, her bangs hanging around her face. "Beast Boy, how did you get in here?" she asked, suprisingly soft. But he couldn't say anything. There was some one on the stair case where Raven had just stood. "Oh, so we have another visitor." Raven spun around, glaring at the dark figure. He was nothing more than a shadow, his eyes the only thing that wasn't black. They were red. "I'm the story teller, and you my friend are interupting" he added calmly. Suddenly, with out warning, he flew at them. Beast Boy covered his head and face. But soon found out he wasn't the target.
    As he looked up, he saw that 'the story teller' had Raven. She was strugling like crazy, but didn't use her powers. Odd... he thought. But it didn't matter. He jumped up and ran at him. Beast Boy began to transform to a T-rex when he stopped. "My... powers." he gasped. The story teller chuckled. "As story teller I decide what's going to happen. So I've decided it's unfair to use your silly little talents." he said, "Also, your no longer a part of this story, tah tah" he added, waving with one hand and still holding the thrashing Raven with his other. Beast Boy started running up the stairs when a hidden force threw him back. He was pushed all the way back and out of the big front doors. They closed after him, and right before he threw himself at them. They wouldn't budge. "Raven..." he whispered as he knelt down, exhausted from all the excitement.

    .... TO BE CONTINUED!!! ^_^

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