• Red vs Blue

    Well… what can I say? I was part of a top secret project known as Freelancer. You wanna know what it is? Well…. Freelancer was pretty much like a super soldier thing but pretty much so they created AI’s. they’re known as Anti Intelligence. They implanted them in our heads but unfortunately they made us go mad. Unfortunately someone was chasing us down trying to take them out of us. All of the other Freelancers died. However there was one known as Alpha. During the attack on blue base in Valhalla they moved Alpha at some place where they couldn’t find it. Unfortuantely that AI… well… you was in someone in some blue team that I don’t even know, he reminded me of someone I knew…. His name was Leonard Church… he used to be a friend of mine but he was actually… a scientist or so. He was merely the former director of Project.Freelancer. unforunately I don’t know what the hell happened to him. He was pretty much split in two or so I can’t explain the details. There was another AI known as Apsilon. It escaped with some team in the attack of Command. Unfortunately for that the EMP was activated malfunctioning every machine in the facilities. Except for Apsilon. It got too far. I don’t know about Alpha but… heh… his out there somewhere. David was too busy investigating but then suddenly he joined that team destroying the director himself. The Meta and David… well.. I don’t know what happened till then. I don’t even know what happened to Tex. But so till and on the project keeps going. My name is Rebecca Thompson. But I gived up on that name so instead I named myself Rev. I’m a freelancer….

    Meanwhile in the prison of command

    Soldier: command wants to speak with you…

    Rev: …

    She stood up and walked as she went in

    Ahhh…. Agent.Rebecca Thompson

    Rev: its Rev, I’ve givened up on that name for a long time now

    Ah yes then I should say, Agent.Rev

    Rev: yeah… whats this about?

    I want you in an investigation to join in with Wahsington

    Rev: Washington? You mean David? Heh…. Isn’t he with Agent:May?

    Yes well…. I also want you in it as well
    Rev: ….

    If you do this you may be released and be freely on your own

    Rev: alright fine

    So this is how it all goes me as a Freelancer again on some mission well guess I have no chocie then

    I had to go onto a warhog since I’m going to outpost 17, but… that… well… lets just say that things got a little bit too trouble

    Rev: this is Agent.Rev…. I’m in Outpost.17 orders?

    Radio: well the commander wants you to go and investigate the area Wash and the meta should still be here by now

    Rev: right goti t..

    She kept walking and saw a man in red armor

    Rev: hey you! Are you that team who destroyed Freelancer?

    Simon: oh yeah umm… who are you?

    Rev: my names Agent.Rev I’m a Freelancer myself, wheres everybody?

    Simon: oh about that… two of my friends died

    Rev: they got shto huh? Too bad, do you know where Apsilon went?

    Simon: you know that thing?

    Rev: yeah, my orders are to investigate and capture the thing back, but although, do you know a guy in black armor and and the other in white armor carrying a big gun?

    Simon: yeah but why?

    Rev: wait… let me guess… they’re here aren’t they?

    Simon: yeah…. Look don’t get involved in this thing

    Rev: why not?

    Wash: because he said so……


    To be continued….