• I’m 32, and my name you ask? My name is Daniel, Daniel Markson. I have to say that city isn’t the city it used to be. It sickens me to think of this, anymore. I’m finally leaving this place for good. I’ve lost so much in this place. So many memories, both good in bad. And, I can’t say what will happen next. Hopefully I’ll get out of the horrors that have taken place in that place. For now I might as well start to explain my story. So listen up cause it’s a long one.

    It all started three years ago, a year before the Descent. I was sitting on my balcony of my fifth story apartment. My wife was in the kitchen area making dinner. She was a fairly good looking woman, about five feet tall, long hair down to the middle of her back. A few years younger than I. Fair skin, compared to my lightly tanned skin. Her eyes just a lovely blue color. Her hair a velvet black color and she always would wear it down, just like I liked it. She had come out to tell me dinner was done when it happened, there was a bright flash in the sky, and then the city went dark. It lasted only a few minutes, but that’s all it took for things to get out of hand. My wife and I had eaten dinner by the time the riots started. I hadn’t listened to the news in a while but I figured now would be a good time. There was something about the flash being a government secret test or something, I didn’t really care, all I knew is they were closing the city off and everyone was extremely pissed about it. I sat on my balcony with my wife sitting next to me when I got a phone call. It was my boss, he said I had the rest of the week off with pay, I merely said ok and the hung up. My wife got basically the same call from her boss. We sat there waiting out some of the night till about eleven or so then we both went to bed, not knowing what we would awaken to.

    The next day my wife and I awoke to a screeching noise coming from outside. Loud would not describe it as my ear started to bleed. When it had stopped my head felt numb and my wife’s ears were bleeding as well. I felt faint, and was dizzy. I saw my wife collapse and I started to walk towards her before I felt like the room was spinning and fell. The last I saw, she was breathing slowly as if sleeping, and then, I blacked out.
    When I awoke it was in a room of which I didn’t know, but it was white, no, an off white color with a blue border around the center of the room. I turned my head slowly and I could see my wife on the bed next to me and a nurse. I was in a hospital and there was a vague feeling of death around the room.
    “Where…where am I?” I had said, though it seemed like my own voice was a few miles away. The nurse had turned and she had a smile on her face. I can’t remember what she looked like exactly.
    “Hospital emergency room deary, I’ll get the doctor” she had said in a colorful tone.