• Hokuri was running forward to her injured teammate. The Man in Black was laughing evily on top of the stage. When he saw Hokuri running to Megan. He muttered a chant and vines wrapped themselves around Hokuri. She tried to break it but somehow it was very strong.
    Megan was trying to escape but a invisible barrier stopped her. She was angry so she unleashed her winds at the barrier.
    'Megan!!' yelled Hokuri. Then,she felt the vines unwrapping around her. She looked at them, they were shot. Sure enough, Erin was there.
    'Erin! I thought you hate proms!!' she said to Erin. Erin gave her a semismile.
    'Don't complain..' she replied. They ran forward, now the Mib looked frightened. He chanted another, the zombies came from the ground.
    'BEGONE!'commanded Erin. The zombies didn't went. Which was very awkward. The Mib laughed.
    'You might be the child of Hades but I control these zombies!!' he yelled. The zombies went forward and prepared to kill them. Hokuri took out her sword and slashed their heads off. They were getting closer to Megan.