• Why it has to be me, I don't know. But this cold presence I felt was not at all real. I couldn't get the feeling of being close to evil washed over me to leave my body. I sat at home in my bed watching t.v. as the rain trickled down my window in little streams. I wished that I could have gone outside to enjoy the crisp rain, but I didn't want to risk getting sick. I loved the rain, I loved how it smelled right after it did rain. The smell of fresh grass being re-watered, the smell of dripping flowers and plants as they sway in the cool breeze.
    I was bored of watching infomercials over and over again about nothing that caught my eye so i went to my living room. It was quiet. I still had that presence of evil all around me, and I did not feel very safe. How could I not feel safe in my own house? It was unexplainable. That feeling you get when you think some one is watching you, but when you turn around no one is there? That's the feeling I had when I was alone in my house, unsafe and scared that something or some one might come and kill me. But I didn't let fear get to my head. I couldn't let myself think that it was real. Then at last, I walked into my kitchen, and..........................................................I woke up...........
    The feeling was gone, but I was still alone. I felt safe once again in my own house, now that the dream was over.
    It's amazing what your imagination can do to you. I never expected it to be this strong, or anywhere near this. Everything about my mind is so confusing and so real, that I can't bare the risks I might have when I'm older. But what we all know is within our minds.........And it will stop at nothing to do what you want it to do.