• Mum clarissa said, yes my dear child. Do you believe in witches mum. Why do you ask such a iggnert question? Mum i do believe there are some . Is that girl shelly telling you stupid stuff again.Mum it"s shella and no mum she isn"t I believe there a witch living a few blocks down.She takes kids who are walking around dawn and she cooks them for her cats and her self.Where in the hell are you getting such fairytells.Who do you think is a witch clarissa?Ms. thomas she is always acting so strange ive heard kids went into her house but never came out.CLARISSA THAT"S ENOUGH NOW!Well it"s true ! I dont want you saying a word about this to ben you know how he gets nitemares.Yes mum ok whatever you say.What are we having for dinner mum? Salad and some pizza go get washed up it will be done any minute .
    Dinner was kinda of quite mum was staring at me like i lost my mind.Mum may I be dismissed?Go head but its your turn to clean the dishes .Yes mum I will.I went to the sink and started dazing thats when all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain go through my skin then felt something running down my my hand.MUM! MUM! MUM! she turned to me and seen the blood coming down my hand.she grabbed the cup towel and started wipping it I was crying so hard I didn"t even notive ms.Thomas was coming through the door me a first aid kit.How did she know I was bleeding oh Ms.THOMAS! she will not quit bleeding the whole cup towel is filled with blood.Luckily for me ms.Thomas was a nurse back in world war 2.She is ancient.She grab my arm clarissa this may hurt a little bit ok?Yes ma"am. She poured achol all over it AHHH! then she stiched me up and put and banage around my arm .Now it might still bleed for a couple of minutes but if it doesn"t stop you need to see a doctor.Thank you so much mum replyed to her.

    Well i still believe she is a witch mum.Why do say such a thing? MUM!How did she know i was bleeding and and and and...... I bet she herd you scream! I doubt it.Clarissa go to your room and go to bed you have school tomorrow.Fine but I still believe she is a witch.Well you don"t know if she is one.So don"t be telling every one she is ok? Yes mum i will.Now give your mum a kiss.

    Ben! what are you doing in my room at 5 oclock in the morning rissa CAN"T slep I don"t want to wake mum she will scream at me.SO you come in here to wake me up is that it.Yes well unlike some people i have school tomorrow go back to your room.But i can"t sleep he started to cry.If you can"t sleep what can u do about it.If you can"t sleep in your room you can"t sleep in here.Rissa he hollered I want to sleep with you.I put my index finger to his mouth and said shhh.But to late because i heard mum coming down the hall into my room.What in the hell is going on in here.Rissa said i can"t seep with her mum i can"t sleep he started to cry.Rissa be nice to your brother.Mum if he can"t sleep in his rooom what on earth is he going to do in my room. Your sister does have a good point Ben.His cry got louder mum can i sleep with you then . very well you can ok. Go to my room Im going to talk to your sister ok .Yes mum.
    Clarissa for these past few day"s you have been being mean to your brother.Now im going to tell you something my mum told me when I was little. Clarissa your getting your powers in. Powers? Yes I didn"t want to you but your a witch so am I .MS.Thomas knows her and I are both witches but the non sence you mayed up about her is trash talk. She knew last night when u cut yourself is because we can comunicate without saying a word to eachother you will get the power to do that very soon Rissa.I was speechless all this time i was right i knew she was a witch I just had this feeling she was but I never though I was.Mum so I was right about her? Yes you were now go to sleep.Wait! will ben become a witch she started to chuckle a witch is a girl witch a boy is a warlock yes he will.How do you know Im getting my powers in? Because im a witch mother and i know this stuff about you and ben . Will I have lessons ? Yes come here.ok concentrate on this pencil.I concentrated very hard and then all of a sudden the pencil was moving.This is impossible I can"t believe im a witch .When will you tell ben? When the time is right but for now don"t say a word u got it ? yes mum.
    so all this time I was a witch and i expected it someone else which i was right about but I don"t believe anymore about the kids that went in and never returned out.So I still can"t belive im a witch. I must tell shella when the time is right but for now this is the end .