• We always have midnight feasts on Saturday nights, because there aren't lessons the day after! But at day the next afternoon, we catch up with our homework.
    I'm Sunnie, and my sister's called Dell. We go around in a group, and we share a dorm.
    "Dell! Dell! I've found something," I called to Dell. She ran over to me.
    "Sorry, sorry, I just want to be friends with Violat," she said. "Anyway, what is this thing you've found?"
    "An interesting booklet - sorry, I mean...a booklet. Full of faded writing."
    "Really?" asked Dell. "Give that to me, I'll check."
    I passed the booklet to Dell. "Here!" I said. "You don't really care about me, do you? You're going to replace Violat by me!"
    "No, I'm desperate for us ALL to be friends," Dell said, panting for breath of her running. "I got rid of half my calories running to you every day. You think you are cleverer than me, solving problems and all!"
    I groaned. Dell was boring when discussions like this come. I looked at her flatly. "Huh," I said. "I do solve problems, Dell. Anyway, open that book and read." It wasn't my fault Dell was the bossiest sister ever, but we were not breaking friends. We couldn't bear to be alone!
    We had millions of rows at millions of different times, and some of them were B O R I N G (like Dell's).
    Right, so we were looking at the booklet - and I read what was inside.

    Why is there a problem to solve EVERY day? I'm just like a detective, but I get more stressed than them! Imagine tht[ that for a change!


    Perhaps that's why she was being 'just like a detective'. Perhaps that explains everything! These enishals were printed on top: M K. Marietta Kales!
    I knew it the moment I saw it. Marietta Kales was one of my FAVOURITE detectives in the world.
    "Look," said Dell, flicking through the pages. "It says something about the school," she added as she stopped on a page.

    Ah, so this is what the mysteries are all about. They're having a school founded somewhere around here? Oh, sure. My mum's lecturing me about not going to school, so do I HAVE to go there?

    Ohh. Marietta's been to the school. So she knows about it.
    "Let's see about the school itself, about the first things that happened when she moved in," I suggested.
    Dell nodded at me and then looked at some more pages. "Hmm," she said. "Nothing's about the school after that. School talk has ended. But - oh! Here, she's moved in on the 6th January." She read out aloud:
    "'When I went to the school I was frightened and scared but Mrs - Mrs - ah, Mrs Blackberry came up to me and saw me shivering. She comforted me and I felt better.' Hmm, Mrs Blackberry sounds nice."
    "Marietta's dead now. Mrs Blackberry probably is now," I pointed out.
    "Oh yes," said Dell. "We need to find out more, don't we?"

    They might in the next book. I'll write it soon.