• Through my entire immortality never had i come in contact with humans, without doing my masters biding. Until that faithful day of June twentieth where i was drawn to one of those birthing places that humans called hospitals. It was very convenient for me that the human race couldn't see my kind.
    I was drawn to this room,there was a woman and her mate inside. She was giving birth to a child. I was repulsed by it, the love was just radiating off of them and surrounding the entire room. It made me sick! Some how i couldn't pull away. Me the all mighty Deatron the fallen angel and warrior for the underworld couldn't turn away from such a scene.
    Then suddenly the entire room erupted with emotion, elation and love filled the air. There was a force that drew me to witness what the commotion was about. i knew what awaited me and i tried to fight this urge but something stronger then me wouldn't allow it. A baby girl had been born to this pair. I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the joy this human brought. I raised my arms about to demolish this revoltingly happy moment, when the child's gaze landed on me. with deep green eyes she stared and she smiled at me. The first smile to cross the baby's face was at me. Could she see me? Was there something special about her is that why i am so attracted to her.
    Ever sense that moment i have been infatuated with the girl. When she smiled at me I knew she would one day belong to me. The rest of the humans however couldn't see me, as expected. I whispered to the woman five simple words "her name shall be Rowan." As i had planned the woman spoke " Rowan, her name will be Rowan. Rowan Daniela Moon." i smiled with satisfaction. I knew then that i could never leave her. In some twisted way she belong to me, she was my Rowan. I promised myself no harm will ever befall her. Even if it shall...kill me.