• He sat on the floor in the corner of his apartment, arms wrapped round his knees. His just-above shoulder-length black hair covering most of his face. He didn't want to face anyone right now, not after what had just happened, not after he'd gone and screwed everything up. With the band, with everyone. He felt tears running down his face, and he knew there would be black streaks on his face. "oh god, I hope Frank will forgive me," Gerard sighed, his voice was no more than a whisper. He took a deep breath as he remembered what had happened earlier that day.
    He and Mikey stepped out of the car as they went to sound check, just like any other day. They walked in through the door to see Frank, Ray and Bob all ready to start sound check. Something felt different though, no one knew what it was, but something just didn't feel right.
    "how about we start with Disenchanted, first?" one of the stage crew suggested, and they all nodded, just going along with what anyone said.
    As Gerard was singing, he felt different, but not in a good way, he knew something was going to happen, something bad. He just didn't know what. Or what form it would come in.
    "that was, okay....but I think the singing was a bit off," Bob joked.
    "f*ck up Bob, I'm not in the mood," Gerard snapped.
    "whoa, chill out Gee! It was just a joke!" Frank defended the drummer.
    "Well I didn't find it very funny!" he snapped again.
    "It was only a joke, are you okay? Usually you could take something like that!"
    "Well, not anymore! That was just mean. and messed up. What the f*ck is wrong with you guys?!" Gerard yelled.
    "what's wrong with us?! What's wrong with you?!" Bob snapped back.
    "you are what's wrong with me! I can't take this sh*t anymore!" he glared at Bob and felt the anger flowing through him. He knew what was going wrong now. But he couldn't stop. "Just...just f*ck off!"
    "GAH! I am SICK of you Gerard! You've been acting like this too much lately! Maybe I will just go f*ck off!" Bob stood up from behind the drum kit and stormed out.
    "look what you've gone and done now Gee! You're such an a** hole sometimes!" Frank stared after Bob.
    "I'm the a** hole?! Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself? Because at least someone loves me. No one would ever love you. no one ever has!" Gerard yelled at him. Frank's eyes began to flood with tears. Gerard knew he'd gone too far.
    Frank dropped his guitar and ran out of the room. He didn't like people seeing him getting emotional. Ray and Mikey followed him out, to make sure he was okay. But Gerard knew he wasn't. He wasn't even sure if he was okay himself. But he'd hurt Frank. And Bob. And probably ended MCR.

    *end flashback*
    "oh my god, Frank! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it!" he cried, even though no one was there to hear him, "please forgive me! I never meant it!" he rested his head against the wall beside him and just let the tears run down his face. "trust me, I'm not o-kay" he whispered.
    Suddenly, an arm was round him, "shh, don't cry Gee." they rested their head on his shoulder.
    Gerard looked up to see him. The person he'd hurt. Sitting beside him. Comforting him. "oh god, Frank, I am so f*cking sorry! I didn't mean any of--" he was cut off by a kiss. A small one.
    "it's okay, I forgive you," they both blushed.
    "oh my god, Frank if there is anything I can do to make it up to y--" he was cut off by another kiss. He sighed, "Frank, when I said no one loved you, I was lying. I know...one person..."
    "and who would that be?" Frank asked, and wiped the black streaks away from Gerard's cheeks.
    "I think you know very well who that person is," he replied, just about managing a smile. Frank buried his head into Gerard's shirt, and Gerard pulled him into his arms.
    Frank began crying softly. "shh, it's okay Frankie, please stop crying." Gerard tried to sympathize, but it wasn't working, so he sang, "Well I was there on the day, They sold the cause for the queen, And when the lights all went out, We watched our lives on the screen. I hate the ending myself, But it started with an alright scene."
    Frank smiled to himself and fell asleep, in Gerard's arms. He loved the sound of Gee's voice, and he loved being there, with him.