• Gunners #4 Damn them all
    Dark Side Chronicles

    The next morning in Hakuru’s room on the table with a stack of pizza, card games, and guns and beer Hakuru sand Saya smoked as Yamota, Kikori and Fuka plays but unfortunately Fuka was the dealer

    Saya: damn, sorry I lost

    Hakuru: screw it

    Yamota: ******** a draw again?

    Kikori: damn it….

    Fuka: it’s a tie! Yamota and Kikori! 24 to 24! Hakuru sand Saya! 5 to 5

    Hakuru: can’t we just play 13?

    Yamota: yeah I don’t wanna play any 21 or blackjack anymore

    Fuka: aww okay

    Saya: hey Fuka did Yukina and Yukoi manage to find any other students who are like not Gunners here?

    Fuka: there were only a few

    Saya: they have no idea what they’re into

    Hakuru: most of them were takened by demons

    Saya: although theres just a few left

    Yamota: so what now?

    Hakuru: don’t know lets try not to get caught whatever you do don’t trust anyone

    Sukya: damn straight..

    Hakuru: Sukya?

    Sukya: well now I know this school pretty well

    Hakuru: then tell us what it is
    Sukya: I will… only if you return to the BWF Corporation

    Hakuru: nope…

    Sukya: fine then die here then!

    Hakuru: don’t worry we got one of the best and “the” best smartest Gunners in our team…. We can handle it ourselves

    Sukya: well you do notice that there are clone subjects here like yourself Hakuru…..

    Hakuru: I don’t care… a clone is just a clone, and even so such as ourselves isn’t that right Saya?

    Saya: yeah…

    Sukya: grr……. FINE I’LL TELL YOU!

    They all went silent as Saya stopped smoking and grasped onto her burn’t ciggaret with her hand

    Hakuru: talk….

    Sukya: fifty years ago when this school was constructed an old man came here, he possessed the school and made it into a blood bath as he sented in demons, absorbing each and every student in the school however most of those students were just shredded to death. As the police came the bodies were never found. They believe that they were just been throwned away or such. But however only one student survived this incident but then five years later she hunged herself.

    Hakuru: go on

    Sukya: the school was finally re-opened when they cleaned out the school but however the old man tooked over the school. The Gunner Gods also made this for Gunner students but mostly a few humans come to this school as well not knowingly don’t even know what is was or what it is. This school is the 5th Gunners Academy

    Hakuru: I knew it….

    I ******** knew it all along….

    Saya: all of us knew it Hakuru…..

    We knew it all along in the first place….

    Damn those bastards…
    Damn them all…

    Hakuru: get Yukina and Yukio on an investigation, all Skull Gunners procceed with caution. Whatever you do do not party, talk to anyone, nor follow anyone. Just finish doing all of your class work and such and always head back to your apartment dorms and lock the door.

    Yamota: they’re all trying to kill us aren’t they?

    Hakuru: damn straight they are….

    Saya: man theres only two boxes of pizza’s left

    Hakuru: I thought we bought ten boxes?

    Saya/Hakuru: Yamota…. Kikori….

    Yamota: ahh… yes…..?

    Saya: oh well atleast they didn’t ate the good ones

    Hakuru: true

    They eat a slice of pizza and smoke

    Hakuru: I’m really tired, alright lets go with a few changes here since I’m sick of fighting

    Number 1: keep up with your studies and class work and always return home and lock the doors and windows and close all curtains

    Number 2: be on a look out and stay caution. Don’t trust anyone

    And Number 3: attack only if the person is trying to attack you

    Saya: looks pretty good but looks childish

    Hakuru: that’s all I come up with

    Yamota: hey yo Hakuru I’m ahh gonna head outside….

    Hakuru: fine try not to get yourself killed

    Yamota: right

    Saya: don’t you think Yamota’s a bit odd

    Hakuru: yeah….. his up to something…..

    Kikori: …..

    Saya: Kikori…

    Kikori: what? No I’m not hiding anything!

    Saya: I didn’t say you were

    Kikori: oh…

    Saya: lets just sleep….

    Meanwhile outside

    Teehee! Lets see who I could kill first! ^^

    Lets see…. Ah! Lia Lina!

    She was a girl, with long blonde hair, a white 19th century white hat with a rose on it, with a white jacket, white leather pants and shoes and a black shirt with buttons it and a red napkin attached. With a black revolver and beautiful red eyes

    Lia: hmm…. ********! Alright that’s it kill the human!

    Girl: not wait!

    Shin: she said wait….

    Lia: who the ******** are you retard?

    Shin: the names Shin Akada….. and I’m here to kill you….

    Bullet Flare…


    Hakuru: looks like an explosion

    Saya: ah screw it

    Shin: hehe…. So whooos next?

    Gunners: ahh….

    They all ran off

    The girl started crying

    Shin: hey hey you okay?

    Girl: ahh yeah… thank you

    Shin: don’t worry as long as I’m smiling its nothing. And even so I also want to make people smile to, come on take my hand

    They both smiled and walked

    Girl: hey my names Caz Labon its nice to meet you

    Shin: its nice to meet you too

    Caz: that’s a good costume your weranig

    Shin: hehe really? Thanks use to belong to my father

    Caz: oh I see

    Shin: ever since my father died and my mother whos still missing I stayed with my friends on a good far journey ahead of us…. hehe…. And still we’re on smooth progress….

    Caz: well my mother and father wanted me to go to this school so I can start making a living and get married and make a family

    Shin: is that so? Heh that’s good besides your lucky to have a mom and dad Caz-san, don’t give up hopes, anyways I’m off bye bye! ^^

    She hopped away and vanished in thin air

    Meanwhile inside as it started raining

    Hakuru: alright if you were god which celerbrity would you strike first?

    Saya: ahh….. Britney Spears?

    Fuka: Lady Gaga?

    Hakuru: I rather kill Tom Cruise

    Saya: Mel Gibson
    Fuka: Ashley Brown?

    Hakuru: what the ********?

    Fuka: I just made that up

    Hakuru: man this is boring…

    Yamota: yo I’m back

    Hakuru: hey

    Yamota: sorry went to go and check something

    Hakuru: man what a busy day

    Yamota: heh….

    Hakuru: why are you so happy?

    Yamota: nah its nothing….

    Saya: tomorrow we go out for a job

    Hakuru: right

    The next morning

    Hakuru: rise and shi-

    Yamota was gone

    Hakuru: no wonder shes so energetic…. Saya you ready?

    Saya: yeah alright already let me put my pants on! AHH!!!

    Hakuru: baka…

    Saya: shut up…

    Meanwhile outside

    Hakuru: alright what job should we get?

    Saya: coffee place?

    Hakuru: Coffee place it is then

    Suddenly they saw a girl in a white hat with white clothing as she fires her revolver at the apple

    Everyone applaused

    Shin: thank you! If anyone want any volunteers then your all welcome! Ohh….

    She looked at Hakuru

    Shin: you there! How about be a volunteer?

    Hakuru: sorry not interested…

    Shin: don’t worry! If you pull this off I’ll give you the stack of money in my hat!

    Hakuru: its just plain old paper

    Shin: but it would be worth your fortune!

    Saya: say she does carry up a lot of cash Hakuru

    Hakuru: fine….

    So what do I need to do?

    Shin: all you need to do is to shoot all of those plates in two rounds with me can you keep up?

    Hakuru: lets go then..

    She pulled out her 9mm pistol

    Shin: ohh so you carry a weopon with you? Don’t worry I carry mine always as well…

    She pulled out her black revolver with a rose on it

    Shin: shall we?

    Hakuru: bring it…

    The plates were up as they started shooting then all the plates were gone as it was a draw

    Everyone started cheering

    Shin: wow I never knew your such a telented person who could wield a pistol like that, alright one more round!

    This time… duel pistols..

    Saya: Hakuru… her eyes…

    Hakuru: I know…..

    They pulled out their other pistols and dueled them. The plates came up as they fired two of their pistols at them

    The round was finished and there was one more plate to go they quickly threw a knife at it when they ran out of bullets

    Shin: wow it’s a draw! Well to be fair ms I think I’ll only give you half the money in my hat!

    Hakuru: its fine….

    She gave her half of the money and walked off as Shin smiled happily

    Shin: I like how girls do hehe

    Meanwhile back home

    Hakuru: man such a tiring day!

    Saya: man…

    Hakuru: I think that girl… was Yamota…

    Saya: how did you know?

    Hakuru: the way she shoots, the shape of her revolver, the colour of her eyes, the way she looks….. why…? Why is she dressed like that?

    Yamota: yo

    Hakuru: Yamota…

    Yamota: hm?

    Hakuru: open the bag

    Yamota: why whats wrong? Hey come on knock it off Hakuru
    Hakuru: whats in the bag

    Yamota: sorry Hakuru but I gotta go! Something urgent!

    Hakuru: come back here right now!!!

    That’s an order!

    Yamota: Hakuru I know you’re the leader of Skull Gunners but we’re also your friends we’re not soldiers you know?

    Hakuru: I know…. But I mean it… get your ******** a** over here…

    Yamota: can no do Hakuru!

    Hakuru: why you! Kikori!

    Kikori: hm?

    Hakuru: stop her!

    Kikori: got it….

    Yamota: sorry Kikori!

    She fly kicked her in the face and started running

    Kikori: gah…….

    Hakuru: ********! All Skull Gunners! stop Yamota!

    Yamota: AHH!!!!

    She jumped out of the window and landed on the floor brutally

    Yamota: ahh….

    A few minutes later

    Hakuru: where did she go?!

    Shin: yo! ^^

    Hakuru: Yamota!! Get your a** over here!!!

    Shin: don’t know who your talking about?
    Hakuru: don’t play stupid things Yamota!

    Shib: heh…..

    She went and kicked her in the gut

    Hakuru: GAH!

    Shin: I’m sorry, but this time I’m going to make it up for you guys

    She went to the mansion to stop Takayama

    Hakuru: you go there…. And you’ll get killed! What are you trying to archieve!

    Shin: I’m trying to archieve a good friendship with you guys! I don’t want see anyone hurt…..

    Hakuru: Yamota, you can’t kill him alone! Don’t you see this is meaningless!

    Shib: what! So you can just sacrifice yourself for our lives everytime we escape?! No! Hakuru lsiten to me! Everythigns going to change! I’ll make it up for you and everyone! No one is going to die here! But if I die….. then everyone will be safe right?

    Hakuru: cut the bullshit act Yamota! We’ve been friends for a long time! If I have to stop you myself then so be it!

    Shib: then I got no choice then…..

    Bullet Flare..

    Hakuru: s**t!





    Hakuru: AHH!!!!

    Shin: 360 degrees SIDE KICK!!!!!!

    Hakuru: GAH1

    Hakuru: knife arrow!

    Yamota: ROSARIO WRATH1

    Hakuru: WHAT THE?!



    She started punching her gut as Hakuru started punching her face

    Yamota: *huff*huf* had neough yet Hakuru?

    Hakuru: shut up….

    Bullet Crusade…..

    Yamota: GAH!

    Hakuru: this is it!

    Yamota: NGAH!!!!

    She threw her over and did started punching her but then Yamota kicked her off and fired Bullet Flare

    Yamota: AHH!!!

    Hakuru: GAH s**t!!!

    She then god really mad

    Hakury: ahh….

    Yamota: huh?

    Hakuru’s eyes were crossed and went out of ocntrol as her blood went furious, she got a knfie and stabbed her through the gut and chest

    Yamota: GAH!

    Hakuru: AHH!!!!!

    She then grabbed a pole and slammed it on her head and started bashing her as the rain started falling

    Hakuru: *huff*huff*huff…*

    She then woked up

    Hakuru: what…? No…. no…. Yamota… i… I’m sorry..

    Yamota: hehehe…. I knew you had in you Hakuru… *cough* gah…. I guess your right I can’t stop Takayama alone… .hehehe… *cough*

    Hakuru: no Yamota! I’m sorry! Please let me help you!

    Yamota: I can feel it… I’m dying Hakuru… thank you… this clothing belonged to my mothers….. this is my first time wearing it… I loved it so much… as I loved you guys and you…. Hakuru i…. gah…

    She coughed out blood

    Hakuru: Yamota…?


    To be continued

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