• As the gentle caress of the wind wrapped around my body and playfully rumpled my scarlet hair, only one thought was playing in my mind, Aiden.

    Oh Aiden; his warm, gentle touch, his genuine smile, his hard gaze, loving to some menacing and cold to most, the sound and sensation of his voice at my ear.

    “Why did you leave me?” I whispered into a thread of wind that was rubbing against me eagerly waiting for my instructions I sent it out, across the seas to find my beloved.

    I did this every day for the last five years, I would stand along the edge of the cliff, the place where I last saw my beloved leaving on ship for a reason I have yet to discover. Every day I would do this. For hours, even twice a day even in the rain and snow, but every day just as the last, nobody answered my calls

    I believed that today was like any other time, welcoming the bitter feeling of disappointment I slowly got to my knees. But as soon as my feet were firmly planted under me, the wind picked up and the roar was defining in my ears but something came through that sound, my knees turned to Jell-O and with a cry I sank to my hands and knees. Because right then and there I knew that my calls have been answered.

    “Soon, love, you will be in my arms once more.” I heard Aiden’s smooth velvety voice in the wind. After five years Aiden finally chose to come back to me. I could read the wind, he was close, I could only sense that, but I didn’t need anymore. I lurched to my feet, only to double back over in agony.

    She was trying to gain control over me again. I couldn’t allow that to happen, no, not again. All of those children died because I couldn’t take the pain and gave up.

    What seemed like forever the subsided and the appearance of me came out of my body; the same scarlet hair that fell thick and straight down to her lower back, thick eyelashes framed ice blue eyes, she had the face of a goddess. But instead of the serene look that is usually on my face, she looked down right pissed.

    “Andrea what is your problem?” she snarled.

    “And hello to you too Lillith.” I sighed.

    “Cut the s**t, I know he’s coming or have you forgotten Samuel and I are life bound, as are you and Aiden.” She stated in a smart-a** tone.

    “No, I haven’t forgotten.” I sighed. Aiden and I are the reincarnations of the avenging-angles Samuel and Lillith. Sometimes we lose control over our bodies and Lillith and Samuel have a field day. Samuel would bring chaos and terror and Lillith would take and torture every child she could get her hands on.

    I shuddered at the thought of that happing again; the last time I had lost control was about five years ago to this very day. As if Lillith could tell the thoughts that were running through my mind she smiled, and not a soft smile, this smile was full of hate and menace. Without a word she reached out her arm until one slender finger was touching my forehead.

    Her smile got wider and her eyes glinted coldly. “Shall we take a walk down memory lane?” Lillith asked oh-too-sweetly. My eyes widened in horror as I realized what she intended to do.

    “No,” I sobbed, “not again.” As I pleaded, silent tears escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks and dripped onto the ground.

    “Face it Andrea.” Lillith’s voice turned soft but still had a cold and deadly ring to it. “This is who we are, me and you, we’re in this together.”

    “Until the end” I whispered and then cried out in pain as the memory that I had locked up five years ago forced its way front and center as the blackness enveloped me.

    “You must remember.” Lillith’s voice floated into my mind as the repressed memory began to unfold in front of my eyes.