• tab With the engine running all other sounds seemed subdued to him, nothing else matters when he sits in the pilots seat. The only thing that mattered to him was what he had to do. Kaihl braced himself as his craft lurched up and out of the launch catapult. The sky around him buzzed with the sound of other fighter craft as the roared around him he felt tiny and insignificant in comparison to the titanic airship he had just been jettisoned from. Kaihl cleared his mind expelled a deap breathe and pulled his craft from the shadow of the Gargantuan airship, gunned the engine and pulled into the dogfight.
    tab Kaihl lined up his sights on the biggest easiest target he could find, a wounded bomber blundering through the sky, like fish in a barrel. He fired, ten, twenty, thirty rounds rocked the large sloth. The wounded craft's engines went first, it began to fall, then exploded with cataclysmic force Kaihl's fighter was rocked with a tooth rattling shock. He made a rookie mistake he got too close, he swore to himself and suddenly was rocked by a much worse motion.
    tab The fighter rocked as multiple rounds ripped through the armor, Kaihl gunned the engine, rolled the craft, and turned round to see the culprit that had fired on him. and was horrified to see that a city sized warship had come up behind him and was ripping the the fleet apart. He pulled his ship under the belly of the beast in an attempt to break its numerous turrets line of fire. He looked starboard and saw an entire squadron blown to dust by a single shot of the ships titanic main guns.
    tab As he watched the kickback of the cannons Kaihl was struck with an ingenious plan, "All wings form on me I have a plan,!" he yelled over the comm. As if out of thin air three squads of planes formed up behind him as he ripped through the criss-crossing fire of the warship's turrets. An explosion to his left, a scream over the comm, Kaihl was losing men and fast.
    tab He whispered a small prayer to himself as he lined square in front of the main gun, waited for the power to pool in the gun and right before it fired he kicked his engine to full pulled his squadron and bombarded the supports of the cannon as the cannon fired it kicked hard with no supports the monstrous cannon ripped the warship clean in half. Warship bucked and exploded, signalling the beginning of the end, the smaller craft of the enemy fleet had lost their shield and was picked off one by one, before the hour was up, his fleet was victorious.
    tab Kaihl landed his craft, exited and was flooded with commendations from his fellow fighters. From the crowd of revelers a hard man with a a short bristly beard and hard eyes approached Kaihl, coughed and asked, "Admiral, was that really neccessary?" Rear Admiral Kaihl Vanyess let out a jovial laugh and exclamed, "I thought it was!"