• Anyways...
    Jack opened the door for me from the inside of his car, and smiled at me.
    I couldn't wait to get in, because i'm about to go and live in his house! ~ so for me it's almost happily ever after, but I haven't seen the future yet so, ok i'll be writing!

    I entered the car, and shut the door, "So you excited?" he asked.
    "Well yeah! No more queen b***h! Living in my house!" I said with excitement.
    "OKay, so we're off!" he said, driving away.

    15 minutes passed, well approximately.
    Then he stopped, and beside the car was a nice house, bricked walls, a nice roof, no chimney which is good, back yard, front yard, and cats~ YAY!
    I un-packed my bags from the trunk that Jack packed for me.

    And skipped off to the front door, the two cats named, Pepsi and Tidus rubbed my two feet.
    I smiled looking at them, they're so cute, but i'm struggling right now, holding 2 heavy bags and writing on my diary is quite what i didn't have in mind when i would finally move Jack's house.

    Jack walked towards the door un-locking the door for me.
    I entered slowly letting the cats go first.

    "Lemme, lead you to your new room." said Jack leading me through the hall, then left, then there was my room.
    Nice smooth metalic black walls, they weren't that shiny but really nice, a nice wooden bed with a white mattress and a white blanket with 4 big nice pillows, and behind the bed was 1 big window covering the whole wall. And a beige carpet. There was also a desk, a great plasma HQ tv with Foxtel and a PS19 with 4 controllers, and ofcourse my own walk in closet. Oh yeah and + an air conditioner/heater.

    I then put my bags on the desk and jumped on the bed and stretched and yeah.
    Jack then came along bringing more bags of mine, then left the room saying that he's about to cook something.