• One day there was a girl named Shirley. Everyone always laughed at her when she was near them at school and when she was at home, her older brother Tommy and her step brother Timmy did too. Everyone calls them, Tom and Tim. They are like the leaders of the bullies. She hated them so much! Shirley wanted revenge from anyone who made fun of her in the past and present time. Shirley called her friend Angela on the phone and asked for her to help her. Angela and Shirley were 12 and always hate when people tease and make fun of them. Angela was teased because of the shows Rugrats and All Grown Up. In both of those shows there is a mean girl named Angelica. So everyone avoided Angela except for Shirley, so they became best friends. Shirley was teased because people think she’s really Shirley Temple in disguise and try to rip off her wig.
    For Shirley it is really embarrassing when people chase her at recess or gym or try to pull her hair off thinking she’s a famous actress and dancer. Would they really treat famous actresses like this? The answer to that is NO!
    Angela thought for a moment and finally said “Yeah! Sure lets give those bullies a taste of their own medicine!!” So now Angela was in the plan. She’s really good at building and fixing things. Shirley is really good at painting and making traps. Together they would make a perfect revenge!
    So, Shirley asked if Angela could come over and she said “Yeah, cool. So, I guess, we can get started when I come over then, right?” Shirley didn’t talk that much. She is a little shy. “Um, yah about what time do you think you will get here?” Shirley asked.”
    I will ride my bike. So… I guess about 4:00?” Angela replied.
    ”Cool! We will get started right away!” Shirley said excitedly. There was a soft knock on the door. It was Shirley’s mom, holding her brother Tom by the arm. “Mom, what did Tom do now?” Shirley rolled her eyes and giggled. She was kind of Tom’s lawyer. Shirley sounded sophisticated now. “What did my client do this time? Whatever he did, he is not guilty… I’m pretty sure.” Shirley laughed. “I like being a lawyer! So what did Tim do?” Shirley was serious now.
    “Oh, nothing important. Tell her mom!” Tim said encouragingly.
    There was a silence. Their mom dropped her head. She was now looking at the floor sad. She sighed. “He painted all of the boys’ gym lockers… Pink and all of the girls' lockers… black. He’s now grounded for life!!” Shirley’s mom sounded as if she didn’t want Tim to be her son anymore, she was so angry at him.
    “Oh! Oh my goodness!” Shirley stared at Tim.
    “It wasn’t that bad! Tell her I’m not guilty or something! Make her smile! C’mon Shirley, help me out here! Don’t be mad like mom! I need one girl in this family that still trusts me!” Tim said sadly.
    “Oh no! Are you crazy? I’m not that mad. I’m just disappointed. Only ... I have gym tomorrow!” Shirley giggled. Shirley stopped in a freeze. Soon you would see her running down the halls looking back at her brother, whom was chasing her. They both smiled and giggled as they ran around the house. Their mom screamed.
    “Oh come on Tim!! Don’t scare your sister!! No running in the house!!!!!!!” They all froze. They have never heard their mother scream like that before. She has changed a lot since summer vacation.
    Four years ago Shirley, Tim, and their mom went to the Baltimore Aquarium. Shirley got scared when she saw the man-eating sharks. Her mom tried to make her feel better but, Tim said they like girls even more and she got way more scared after that. Their mom got so angry that she screamed so loud the glass broke that keeps the sharks and things like that in and the people out! The sharks scowled at Shirley as if they knew what was happening and they were going to die and blamed her. So they swam through all of the water coming out and chased her.
    Tim felt a little protective over her and blocked the sharks from getting to her but; apparently the electric eels were working in a team with the sharks because they didn’t like Tim protecting their friends; the sharks’ meal. So they chased down Tim and the man-eating sharks chased Shirley.
    The tour guide was drowning, got hit a little bit by the eels, and fainted. The kids' mom felt like this was all of her fault, so she swam towards her kids, put them on her back, swam away being chased by both of those dangerous species, and swam out the door.
    Once they could step foot on the ground, they ran so fast the sharks and eels couldn’t even catch them. Actually, they couldn’t move anywhere near them anymore because it was a hot day and all of the water spread out. Good thing they weren’t at the beach staying in a hotel!
    Ever since then Shirley and Tim’s mom hadn’t screamed in a while. They promised to try their best to keep their mom happy and not mad. Today, they broke their promise by doing something they know that their mom does not like at all! In my opinion, I think that it is so weird why she randomly screams like that. I guess, some people are more strange than others.
    Shirley made her mom some hot chocolate and a scone. After, she walked back up to her room. Whenever something went wrong Shirley would always try to make everyone feel better with her amazing hot chocolate and delicious scones.
    Usually, when Tim got home from soccer practice, he would always put his feet on the table with his hot chocolate and play video games. Shirley would always give Tim something nice too including: hot chocolate and his favorite snacks.
    Tim had always wanted a dog, but Shirley and her mom are allergic. Tim ran into Shirley’s room five minutes after everything was over. “What happened? Is everyone all right? I saw running and soon I heard screaming! That was right when i got home from my soccer practice!!!” Tim glared at Tom. “What did yah do now, bro? And Shirley Temple do yeah mind getting me some hot chocolate? I love it when you do!” Tom always gets what he wants with his British accent and sometimes he’s polite. Also, if you didn’t notice, he said ‘Shirley Temple’ I’m just reminding you that he did.
    Shirley is the only person who doesn’t always obey to his commands. “No.” Shirley said strongly. Soon she heard the doorbell ring. Shirley looked at her watch. “Awesome! Right on time! ” She ran to the door.
    Obviously, it was Angela. She was carrying a toolbox, some paint, superglue, and a camera. Her hands were so full I don’t even think she road her bike! “Hey, Shirley! Can you give me a hand here?” Angela mumbled with a toolbox handle in her mouth.
    Tim asked. ”What are you two up to? Oh! Oh my goodness! Did you hear that?” Tim fell to the floor laughing. Angela and Shirley rolled their eyes and walked around him and then jogged up the stairs to Shirley’s room.
    When they got to Shirley's room, they tripped over a wire and dropped everything in shock. Tim and Tom pranked them!! How'd they know? Tim's favorite soda that no one else is allowed to drink, was near a wire, meaning that he may have tripped as well. Shirley’s head fell into the drink. It was freezing as if it just now came out of the freezer.
    Angela stared at the room in shock and rage. Angela and Shirley now had a better reason to get revenge. They soon built the greatest revenge, designed after Tim and Tom's amazing prank.
    Shirley and Angela's prank became very popular, meaning they were soon popular. This prank made enemies straight to friends. Everyone became good friends. Tim and Tom made some friends too, but not even close to as much as Shirley and Angela did.