• The chains pulled heavily against his arm, the guards running back and forth, yelling and panicking. They kept calling him a monster, kept tightening the chains around his limbs. He was weaponless, shirtless, too weak to be of any physical threat. Why were they doing this? The sounds of gunshots rang in the man's ears, an eerie silence coming soon afterward. The guards turned their spotlight on him, his long black hair concealing his face. A whip cracked, connecting with the mans chest, causing him to scream in pain.
    "Tell us where the rest of you are, monster!" A man was talking to him, a man of authority. Still, the prisoner said nothing.Another crack of the whip, another scream of pain.
    "Tell me!" the man came closer, placing his gun against the prisoner's neck.
    "I will not hesitate to cut you down," the man said through gritted teeth.
    Memories flooded the prisoner's mind. They'd blown through the large, steel door of the hanger. They'd shot people on sight, even going as far to kill the children. They imprisoned him, took his shirt and shoes. They chained him up, made him watch his friends die. Now they were torturing him, wanting information. The prisoner looked up, his irises glowing red, teeth bared in a snarl. If they wanted a monster, he'd give them one.
    "You wish to see my people?" The voice coming out was rough, the voice of an enraged yet weakened man. "I'll show you the way to meet them!"
    He jerked his limb, the chains binding him breaking and falling upon the floor. The man started to shoot at him, but the prisoner was at his throat in mere seconds, crushing it in his palm. The rest was a blur of gunfire and blood, the only sound from the prisoner was his growls before he killed another soldier. He left the man with the whip for last, his arms flexing. Chains emerged from the earth, wrapping around the man's body, pulling him to the ground. Screams began to ring out from the shelter, echoing into nothingness.