• As Sophia got into bed that night, she heard a tapping on her window pane, so quiet that she didn't notice it, neither did anyone else except Fox (Sophia's cat). But if sophia knew who was knocking and why she might grow to regret not opening it, for the little knocks were from her best friend Roxanne, that meant the war was on... what war I hear you cry, the war of the fairy clans!!!

    The next morning as she stepped outside, she was met by a very scary looking fairy, he was bigger than all the others Sophia had saw and he wore a small white mask over half of his face and had stripes of blue across the exposed side, he also wore a small suit of fairy armor and his hair was just enchanting, it was short and very slick, but the colour was the thing that Sophia liked most, it was a kind of burgundy... but so dark it looked more like chess-nut.

    She had liked all the other's so she asked "Are you a faery?" this made this Fairy go red with rage, and this was just the beggining of the suprises for her, as he said "No way, I am a feary, and I am the general in the great war against the Faery clan" his voice was cold, but also soft like velvet, but that was the thing sophia didn't understand, Why war? As the question turned in her mind, the more she wanted to ask it, so she did. "Why war. the faery's are my friends" as the words jumped off her lips she regreted them, the feary drew his sword and started scratching her with his small iron blade, this made Sophia smile, but she wouldn't show her amusement.

    "The feary clan are life long enemies of the faery clan, they are stupid good for nothing vagabonds who deserve to be exterminated, they steal from us, lie to us and worst of all, befriend the humans." he said, sounding mad at her for ever mentioning the question, just then the leaves of the cherry tree rustled again, and the little feary general went to greet the faery that came out. Sophia looked in a shocked manor at the battered and bruised Roxanne, "What happened to you?" Sophia asked, trying not to sound nosey, but Roxanne said "It was him, that good for nothing feary throg"
    but throg defended himself and came at Roxanne for a nother stabbing session. Sophia was shocked at the violence of the small feary, and stepped in to save Roxanne who was very close to death now. "STOP THROG, ROXANNE DID NOTHING TO YOU!!" Sophia said, catching Roxanne as she spoke... Throg flew back to the tree with these parting words, "Tomorrow, it's war!!!"

    To be continued