• Gunners
    Seriousely Where In The #$&% IS Santa?!

    Santa: hello kids, today I’mma tell you about safety issues. This time I’m gonna talk about how to be safe in finland and setting up for christmas here are our lists

    One: never ever spoil the christmas holiday

    TV gets turned on

    Yamota: ok ahh…. oh… wait… OH SSHIT!

    She spills the beer onto the christmas cake and falls down onto the christmas tree

    Hakuru: AWW SON OF A BI-

    Two: make sure to always make protection for your car

    TV gets turned on again

    Hakuru: ok!!!! Bring it down!!!

    Tree gets down and destroys the Ford Muscle

    Hakuru: ahhh ******** m-

    Three: always make colourful declarations

    Yukina: ok bring it!!!!

    Yukoi turns on the lights but then suddenly lights gets popped up and lights on fire

    Kanome: ahhhh fu-

    Oh this ones pretty interesting always never ever do bad things such as this

    TV gets turned on again

    Hakuru: oh god… oh my god don’t… come on man don’t do it…

    Shin: s**t dude!!!!

    Saya: no… no no no no….

    Kurai eats a huge pig
    Everyone: AWW!!!! ********!!!!

    Santa: and remember kids, always follow safety issues and others on Christmas Day bye now and also always care who you love

    He holds his hot wife snowball

    Santa: isn’t that right?

    The two both kissed as Snowball went to make cookies and milk

    Suddenly the fire was gone as Santa came and saw water coming from the chimney

    Santa: what the?

    He wents down and checks

    Hakuru: hehe…..

    Her left eye and blue eye glowed and were cheesy as she got a hook and place it up to his a** cheek

    Hakuru: GO FOR IT!

    Shin: alright lets go!

    Sukya: got it, lets go

    Hakuru gets on the helicopter as snowball came

    Snowball: where in the ******** is Santa?

    The helicopter kept going as Hakuru was smiling suddenly the bag was loosed as it got ripped open and falled down

    Hakuru: ahh… bloody hell…..