• Jayden shifted his eyes from the green haired man to the double doors with the large exit sign over them. He began to run but then the green haired man caught up within seconds in front of him. Jayden could only stare in awe. The stranger raised his hand slowly folded into a fist. He opened his hand dramatically and released a green mist. Jayden coughed a few times and tried to stay on his feet. He crashed to the floor face first. He felt blood dripping down his face but the mist had apparentaly numbed part of his body. Jayden attempted to crawl away with one arm, the other numb not willing to work. It was no use his head fell to the floor and his arm became motionless. Colors faded from the world slowly until.. nothing.

    Jayden awoke to find himself laying in the grass. "Grass? Where am I?" He thought. He sat up a little enough to look around. While sitting down he heard some approach, the green haired man, once again. "Don't be afraid Jayden." Easy enough for him to say, Jayden thought. He had been sprayed by a green mist. He was in the middle of a forest with a man with green haired who he didn't know. No reason to be afraid, not one. "Do you know who I am?" Jayden stood up and tried to show little emotion. "No, of course not." The man looked disappointed and let out a small sigh. "Always the same answer.." Jayden had no idea what he was talking about and felt he shouldn't ask. "Your a shade boy." Jayden looked up again. "A what?" Again, the man sighed and shook his head. "You have powers. Your far beyond human. There are more like us. We each have different abilities based on our color."
    "Our color?" The green haired man took off black gloves that he hadn't been wearing when he blasted Jayden with the mist. The man walked over to a tree. Jayden could see the man perfectly now. His hair was a bright lime green, his skin white like a ghost, and his clothes were all black. The man touched the tree with both his hands. Immediatley the pretty tree's bark turned black, the leaves dying almost instantly. "I would move if I wear you." So Jayden did, dashing over to the green haired man's location. The tree timbered down onto a large boulder. "My color is green obviously. You can see what I can do with it." Jayden was confused a bit about the man's abilities. "You can make plants die..?"
    "No you idiot! I control poison!" Jayden didn't respond he just took a few steps back, almost tripping on a branch. "Don't be afraid Jayden. I'm not here to kill you. Although I might bring you pain if you don't obey me." The man's didn't sound modern. It sounded very old, but still english. "I want to tell you who you are. Who you really are." Jayden approached a bit closer to the man, still not feeling all that safe. "You have lived thousands of lives. When you reach a certain age the council drains you of power. This makes you a baby and also removes all of your memories." Jayden sat in the grass, with nothing to say. He couldn't believe the words coming out of the man's mouth. "Why are you telling me this? Do you tell me in all of my lives?" The man looked down at Jayden. He looked scared, and surprised. "I... must leave." Jayden stood up. "No don't! I have more questions!" The man's hands started glowing once again, then his whole body. "Before you leave.. What is your name?" The man looked at Jayden while he raised his hands in the air, Jayden had on idea what his means of leaving were. "My name is Michael. I am called Vapor by most." Jayden was about to ask how Vapor was leaving and how himself would leave but in Michael's place was a floating cloud of green gas. The cloud starting moving, straight towards Jayden. He started to back up a bit but the gas surrounded him quickly. He fell to his knees, trying to stay conscious. The gas drifted into the air and flew off out of sight. The affects of the gas didn't leave Jayden though. He fell to the muddy ground, completely motionless and unable to do anything.