• "Come, so I may end your pitiful existance." The Daemon said, brandishing his two handed axe over his head. Slamming it down into the cathedrals floor, the blade glowed an unholy light, deamonic power oozed out of it, corrupting anything that it hacked or smashed. "Very well..."said at what appeared to be an Angel. But the wings, were black, the wings of a Fallen Angel. Bringing out his one handed longsword, he toke his position and faced the Daemon. The longsword glowed with a gold light of holyness, battling agiasnt the corruption of the axes daemonic power. "I will rip your wings off, rip out your heart and eat it you foul Fallen Angel!" the Daemon screamed, lifting his axe up and charging. When he got close enough, he brought it down in what wouldve been a devistating slash had the Angel not blocked it. As the Daemon lifted it to hack at the Fallen Angel agian, the Fallen Angel slashed at the Daemons axe arm, slicing it clean off. The axe crashing to the floor, the Daemon slammed on his knees, his blood stump of an arm dripping the black blood on the floor. As a black puddle formed, the Fallen Angel stood infront of the Daemon and sighed, "So stupid... I have returned. And with my return, I will send all of you scrambling to your master." Looking at the Daemon, he grasped the longsword with both hands and brought it up, the point over the Daemon. "No... Everyone said you died... In the last war...." it gasped as the sword point swiftly descend into its head, violently stabbing into skin, blood, muscle, bone and then brain. "I have returned." the Fallen Angel said, ripping the blade out of the Daemon. As the body dropped on its chest, more black blood flowing from the death blow in its head, the Angel walked out of the cathedrals front door. Taking out a cloth, he wipped the longsword clean of the black blood, he sheathed it then disappeared, a singel white feather falling to the ground.

    Every watching Daemon shuddered, and only one said the feared name,
    "Ragnarok... His returned..."