• Jayden and Marcia practiced constantly after Jayden's outburst of energy. Marcia had beaten Jayden in almost every sword duel after that. Jayden still hadn't find a way to control his random energy increases. Marcia had taught Jayden many new sword techniques and he was beginning to get better with a blade. Right in the middle of a duel that Jayden thought he would win, Vapor came outside. Looking worried and tired. He had barely closed the door when he yelled towards Marcia.
    "Flair is on her way!" Marcia look worried an Jayden didn't know who or what they were talking about.
    "What about Glis?"
    "He's on his way too."
    "What do you want us to do? Move out or stand and fight?"
    "We don't need a fight right now, we need to stay hidden until we are ready." After Vapor finished speaking, with the wave of her hand a portal opened. "Get in." She muttered quickly. "Wait." She said about a second later before anyone had time to make one step. "I forgot my extra blade." Vapor rolled his eyes and Jayden stood there waiting. Marcia ran into the house, while Vapor and Jayden both wondered why she didn't just make a quick portal. Marcia came out of the house with a short sword with a purple hilt. She was wide eyed and running. "RUN!" Vapor walked into the portal, looking back at Marcia. Jayden around to try to look at exactly what she was running from. He was about to enter the portal when the cabin exploded. Marcia apparentaly didn't get far enough away because the blast made her fall to the ground. She staggered to the ground and jumped into the portal after Jayden. The crew squeezed out of the exit portal that had ended up to be the field close to Jayden's house. Marcia help Vapor up who had fallen to the ground and spoke quickly. "We don't have much time. We have to tell them that he found out about us on his on. His powers too. He has to leave this town, the school, and his family. We need to make it seem like he never existed. Get Debrie to make his parents disappear. The towns folk will suspect murder or kidnaping, eventually forget about them and move on."

    "Who is Debrie and how is he going to make my parents disappear?"
    "Debrie is one of the primaries like you. His powers differ much from you. He has a way of making things appear and disappear."
    "So he's going to kill my parents?"
    "No, boy. Hasn't Marcia explained to you that your parents aren't real?"
    "They aren't what..?" Vapor sighed and flashed a glance at Marcia. Vapor looked back up at Jayden.
    "Debrie created your parents out of dust. That is his ability. He can turn anything into dust and make dust into anything. In all of your life times Debrie has created your parents. He makes sure they don't care much so that you don't become to attached to them." Jayden stared, speechless about what Vapor had said. For a minute it appeared that he hadn't understand what he had said and then realized what all his words meant. Marcia broke the awkward silence between everyone. "Okay so we should get started.." Vapor looked over at Marcia. "Just one problem.. If we contact Debrie all the shades will realize we told Crimson about us which could lead to suspicions.." Marcia nodded. "Then we have to hope that everyone doesn't suspect." Vapor sighed softly. "If your willing to take that risk I'll contact him." Marcia waved her hand and a purple portal opened. "I am." Vapor walked through the portal and it closed as soon as his entire body had gone in. Jayden finally turned to face Marcia after a few minutes silence. "So.. What now?" She jumped at the sound of Jayden's voice, apparentaly in deep thought. "We wait for Vapor to return. When Debrie gets here don't speak much becasue he could suspect we've told you something."
    "Alright.. that's it?"
    "Yes and you might need this if he discovers anything." She handed Jayden the red bladed sword that he had trained with. He held it in his left hand. An hour later Jayden was sitting on the dirt ground and Marcia was still standing in the same location. They had been quiet, waiting for Vapor and hopefully Debrie as well, to arrive. A few minutes later, green fog appeared in the sky. As well as strange blue ashes being blowed in the air that seemed to stop close to Jayden's feet. The ashes seemed to put themselves together the same way that Vapor materalized. The green fog came down and formed Vapor, who stood next to the man that had formed from the blue ashes. Jayden assumed it was Debrie. Debrie spoke towards Marcia and acted as if Jayden wasn't present. "Go ahead. Let's get this over with." Marcia waved her hand and a purple portal opened. Jayden decided he should go. He was the last one to enter the portal and it exited where he expected it to. At his own home.