• Number Three

    The Wrath of Innocence


    The single word that damned the life of the innocent. The priest’s torture was the lightest, just a brush stroke of what was to come, and yet, every torture that came was more horrible than the last. It started with boiling water. To ingest this horrid liquid was to bring salvation. As the scalding liquid swelled the tongue, burned the throat, and sat in the stomach, it would possibly be the last liquid for the damned to drink, so they take it ravenously, praying to their only salvation; God. But, God has no longer answered the call of man.
    They start by taking the innocence with a horrid device. They balance their prey on a metal pike, bare naked, with arms bound. The person dare not move or slide, the sharp metal beneath their naked genitals sure to scar and tear them. Then a weight is tied to their legs, and then is pushed, forcing the tortured to move. Every movement brings the tears to form, blood seeps down the legs, as the inner thighs are torn. No tears have come yet, knowing that God’s mighty justice will smite the true wronged.
    After the horror of being bled, they are brought to a device, and they are forced to crouch, and their head is placed under a circular device. A crank is being turned, and the circular metal plate starts to move. Closer to the head it gets. Closer, closer, still. The voice has halted as the plate rests now on the top of the head.

    “Do you admit your guilt of heresy?”

    No words come from the tortured. The crank moves more, beginning to crush the skull. The teeth relax; clenching the teeth would bring demise too soon, and too painfully. But the eyes, the eyes have no salvation as the space in the skull becomes too cramped. The metal presses mercilessly against the skull as it compressed. The searing pain causes the eyelids to close, but no tears are split, for tears would only pain even more. Must the innocent suffer so for being unable to leave the home they’ve known forever?


    The eyeballs are gone, having departed the body. As blood begins to pour from the empty sockets, does sound emit from the tortured; a shout of defiance, of prayer, of forgiveness, and of pain. But the action brought death sooner. Once the mouth opened and its utterance spoken, the metal plate crashed down sending the teeth into the skull, shattering what was left of the bone; blood and matter of the brain spraying the sadistic that both watched and committed this act of self-indulgent cruelty. And this was considered being spared.