• She walks to the shore, her bare feet making no sound on the warm sand. Subconsciously she knows she shouldn’t be here… but her conscious mind pays no attention to the warnings. A bird swoops down and lands on the ground in front of her, it seems familiar, but she just can’t remember where she’s seen it before…

    It suddenly grows and becomes a human, “Hello Adrienne, sleep well?”

    “W-what are you talking about?” asks Adrienne, the hair on her arms standing on end.

    “Don’t you remember our fight?” Asks the bird-girl, “The one where I kicked the s**t out of you and left you in a coma?”

    “N-no I don’t…” Adrienne backs up a few steps before tripping over a piece of driftwood.

    The bird-girl laughs, “ I see making you one of us didn’t help you much, at least not with your sense of balance”