• My life full of meaningless debt.no job and suffer by eating noodles, till....
    "WHAT!! are you crazy me as the head company!You got to be joking",said zack shocked by his destiny. "I`m not joking unless i want to say its a joke, but my master has recommended this job to you",said the oldman belive to be a servant that was sent from his master."But..but why me?",said zack. "I dont know,but i do know this that.. that my master trusted you",said the servant wisely.

    He then think carefully. After the tiredful life without a job,his life was full of debt."Ok i accept the job", said zack who doesnt know whats ahead of him. "Great , to be said you only replace my master job",said the servant. "What!Repl..(he stop and began to think) hmm... ok but only that", said zack. And so the the servant took zack a stroll at the mall to change his appreance.

    At the big skyscrapper company,many of the office workers was panicking around for the arrival of the important guest.At the waitings, came a long and marvellous looking limosin. The car stop, the driver open the car for his master.A person step out from his car.....(to be continued)..... 3nodding