• “He who?”
    “I don’t know. I saw a man staring at me with bloodshot black eyes.”
    “Shh…shh…it’s going to be okay. You’ll be fine.”
    “I don’t want to sleep in there anymore.”
    “You won’t.”
    “Can you stay with me?”
    “I’m not letting you out of my sight.” I grab a sheet from the closet throwing it onto the couch.
    “Thanks. Where are you going to sleep?” I point to the floor; she disagrees by shaking her head.
    “You take the couch. You’re older than I am.”
    “Not by much.” I tell her. She laughs.
    “Good night.” We told each other simultaneously. It wasn’t long before I heard a soft knock on the door. Kate is up and walking around in an instant. I shake her arm.
    “Stay here. I’ll get a gun.” Letting go of her hand, she clutches her fingers. Running towards the door, I see the lights of a cruiser. The knock sounded again only louder. Nicolas’s sleeping body started to walk towards the front door. Seeing me he takes his hand off the knob.
    “Noble. Your friends requested you at the scene. Get dressed.” One of them barked. I groan knowing that I’d have to work on Christmas morning.
    “I’ll be right there.” I quietly close the door. Kate is already dressed.
    “Dad, do you have to go?” Nicolas asks. It almost breaks my heart to hear him ask this.
    “I’ll tell Alexis you’re here. She’ll understand.” She offers, trying to get her coat on, I help her with it.
    “Thanks for everything Noble dinner, a roof over my head, a place to sleep.” I could only hope she’d ever fall for a guy like me, I felt my cheeks blush scarlet. Hopefully she doesn’t see it in the darkened hallway.
    “No prob. Fill me in when you get back to the precinct.” Walking her to the car, she asks,
    “Will you be here?” I nod, cupping her chin.
    “Thanks.” It almost hurt to see her off.
    The uniforms drove into Chase bank’s parking lot. “A bank robbery?” They glance back at me remaining silent. Alexis is no where to be seen.
    “Kate, you need to see this.” Shaun states, leading me to the wall. I had to hold on to him as to keep support.
    “Oh my God.” I groan, glancing at the wall, smeared with blood were two words. ‘I’m back’. My mouth is covered by my hands.
    “How can he be back? I thought he was dead.” I collapse into a chair.
    “I don’t know how to answer that Kate. A friend of mine from Quantico is checking up on it.” I nod.
    Crossing my arms, I ask, “Is Alexis holding up?” Wiping the tears that flooded my vision.
    “No.” He whispers, his eyes going to where Alexis sat in a chair not to far from the vault. I walk over to her, a hand upon her shoulder.
    “I’m sorry.”
    “Kate, we’re looking at a copycat. This case might be my last.” She whispers, her words stun me from head to toe.
    “Being a cop is all you’ve ever known. How will you survive?” I asked kneeling so that I was eye level with her.
    “You’re a good friend Kate. Thank-you.” Tears flowed out of her eyes.
    “No sweat Alexis.” The large doors burst open. Harper storms through them, clearly upset. He eyes me kneeling on the floor.
    “Is it true?” He asks.
    “What?” I snap, softly getting my pager, hiding it behind me.
    “The message ‘I’m back’ is it true?”
    “I don’t know.” I whisper, glancing back at Shaun. Harper walks away. I release a heavy sigh of relief.
    “What the hell was he doing here?” Shaun asks, staring back at Harper.
    “He wanted to know if Jack was back.” I tell him, glancing at my watch. Avoiding all eye contact.
    “Where’s Allen? Wasn’t he supposed to be here?”
    “He’s celebrating Christmas with Nora and the kids.” I whisper, a pang of guilt found in my heart.
    “Kate, please don’t tell me you fell for a cop.” Alexis teases, one arm wrapped around Shaun.
    “Me fall for a cop? Please.”
    “Besides, Lexi you fell for a cop.” I point out, crossing my arms. Shaun grins, leading Alexis back towards the crime scene.
    “Are you sure you haven’t fallen for him Kate?” Harper asks, pulling the pager out of my pocket.
    “I’m sure. Not like it’s any of your damn business whom I go out with.” I retort, snatching my pager, only to watch him pull it away.
    “Kate, be honest with me, I saw you two kissing.” I gasp when he breaks my pager, my only source for help, gone.
    “Just because I came back doesn’t mean for you to give me the ******** cold shoulder, Kate.”
    “Yes it does Harper.” Walking away, he grabs my arms.
    “Let me go!” I scream as Shaun and Alexis run over. Harper twists my arm back. I wince with pain.
    “Harper let her go you don’t want to do this.” Shaun snapped pointing the gun at Harper’s head.
    10:00 pm
    Dec 22
    The power outage still continued. I glance at my watch.
    “Kate,” The voice drones. I grab my off duty .24 caliber.
    “Katrina!” The voice calls even louder more masculine than before.
    “Kate! Open up!” I ran to the front door covering myself in a jacket.
    “Noble, what are you doing here?”
    “We’re up again. Sarah White was found in her home. Dead.” He glares me over.
    “You look horrible.” I turn away letting him in, glaring at him with a snark frown.
    “Thanks, Allen. Women really love hearing that.” I pour us both a cup of coffee.
    “Did you pull another all-nighter?”
    “No. I crashed shortly after the power went out.”
    “So how did she die?”
    “One of the wine glasses tested positive for lunesta.”
    “She died of an overdose on a sleeping pill?”
    “Yes. The strangest thing was the suicide note.”
    “The handwriting looks exactly like Jack’s.”
    “The handwriting! Ugh. Why didn’t I think of that?” I jump over the chair leading to my office.
    “What are you talking about?” He follows me into the office. I pull out a suicide letter from Andrew Kingman’s file. He hovers over my shoulder reading the letter.