• Chapter 1 The Escape1

    Kuro....Kuro Chi? yes that is my name almost forgotten imprisoned for a reason I did not understand but it had been 10 years I have been chained and shackled in a seal developed by the elders. 2

    I am angel though I am referred to as an abomination After these 10 years I had given up hope of escaping I had no family I was treated like a freak for no reason I had just about given up hope until one night I had received a dream the night of my 18th birthday. 3

    It had told me I had to escape the prison and in a vision I saw a lake crystal clear near the mountains and I wanted to go there. 4

    Of course I had tried to escape but had never done it. 5

    So that night after the guards had patrolled their shifts I struggled to break them nothing worked I did it until my wrists blistered and bled I had just about given up hope. 6

    Until I felt a strange power course through me so I gave it one more strong tug and the shackles broke. 7

    I had been able to pick the door allowing me to escape and before I knew it the alarm had sounded. 8

    I knew the penalty for trying to escape I ran and ran till I was cornered I saw to my side a thin wall and so I bolted through it only to fall out into the sky. 9

    Unlike the other angels I did not learn how to harness energy to fly so I though it was over. 10

    Then I heard the voice again it told me to believe I could do it so I believed as hard as I could do. 11

    All of a sudden a flash came out and I was flying I came down to the earth with a crash exhausted by the ordeal I was able to finally say "I'm....Free"User Image