• Hmm... lets see.. our character is a blond boy, not many girls like that fact, and he has hazel eyes, not boring. He lives on his own, living to thrive for himself, and has a house of guns and weapons, and oh yeah, the main point of the character, BlackJack, the name.
    And the obvious, a teenage boy who's a secret spy, who ran away from home, the heartthrob of the school, the hero in the story! ~ WRONG!
    He's well a teenager.. your right, but 17 turning 18 in 9 months. He's a born killer, he doesn't go to school, he never did, he learned off the internet. He isn't the heartthrob, he doesn't even know if he is because he has never met someone that was from the country that he came from or even the same color as him. And he thrives in the land of South Africa.

    Before the story keeps on going the story takes place around in 5000, June 1, and at 7:18 am. BlackJack, came from New York as the son of a multimillionaire, and that was when he was still in a baby blue sailor suit.

    Here's the life story; As far as he can remember, he was wandering around the airport, he was off to LA. He got lost, and eventually went inside a plane leading to South Africa and this plane was a cargo plane.
    BlackJack then was not muscular, skinny, blond, girl looking with big blue eyes, (He got contacts to change his eye color. ). And he wore the baby blue sailor suit.
    He was eventually adopted b an army, a child army, there was a war going on in Africa. Sadly he was picked on for a coupe of years until he finally became a man.

    Anyways on with the story.....

    BlackJack usually just did what he always did, facebook, work out, hack, read- mens' magazines.... you don't wanna know what kind....
    He also lived in a small bamboo shack, with huge green leaves as the roof, he built the whole shack himself. He quit the army because he's learned enough and he didn't wanna die while fighting.