• The man led me through the long corridors. The men with my luggage left already to place them in my room, while the other man still led me to some place I wasn’t aware of.
    He suddenly stopped and opened big, red door.
    He then faced me. “Please.” He bowed and pointed inside the doors with his whole hand. I walked into the room and saw a man, sitting on a back chair. He leaned his elbows on a big, brown, wooden desk. In front of it stood two red chairs. The room itself was red, decorated with pure golden lines and candle stands.
    The man in the chair spoke to some boy. The man clearly wasn’t pleased with him, since he was practically yelling at him.
    “How many times do I have to repeat myself? This is the fifth time you paint spray one of our valuable pieces of art and I am tired of this rebellion!” the older man said as the boy just stared at the wall.
    I say on one of the many red seats and as I did, it made a squeaking sound.
    The two men looked my way and the older one smiled politely, while the younger one just stared at me, emotionlessly.
    “Ah, miss Blackwell.” The older one said. “Scott, I’m done with you. You are to meet me at your lunch break tomorrow.” He said. The so-called Scott stood up and walked out, his eyes on me.
    A bit puzzled, I stood up and sat in the same chair Scott sat at.
    “So, Miss Blackwell. We have been expecting you from long ago. I suppose you know the origins of your mother…”
    “Mothers.” I corrected him. I felt picky about him mentioning only one of my moms, I had no idea why.
    “Yes… mothers…”
    “Yes, I am aware of their… identity.” I said. He nodded.
    “I am the chairman of the Academy.” He said, standing up and handing me his hand to shake it.
    “Pleased to meet you.” I said, shaking his hand.
    “You will soon be led to your room. I just need you to take this.”
    He sat back down and gave me a red folder. I moved the string to the other side and opened it.
    “These are the rules of the school. I’d like you to read it all ad remember it.”
    I stared at the pages with amazement. It had about one hundred A4 pages, all with tiny writing.
    “Uhm… alright.”
    “Good. Now, you’ll be taken to your room and meet with your roommate.” He said.
    “Roommate?” I repeated, looking up at him. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck with some annoying blond b***h at nights, but I might be wrong about this.
    “Yes. The rooms in the Academy are for two people.” He said. The man at the door walked up to me.
    “Miss Blackwell?” He bowed behind me.
    “Uh… yes.” I got up and with a quick thank you and goodbye, I left the room.

    I was led to the girl’s dormitory, which was not what I expected it to be at all. It was pretty comfortable looking, kind of reminded me of Hogwarts’ Gryffindor dormitory. It was red with lots of candles. A TV and a fire place in front of two couches and lots of different statues standing on it.
    Lots of paintings of different people (that, luckily, didn’t move.) and a huge window, hanging high on the wall. Huge stairs led to it and on top of them was a red chair and a small coffee table. The whole thing looked like a stand for somebody that performs a speech every day.
    A couple girls sat on the sofas and watched TV.
    “Lilly.” The man said. A fair-haired beauty got up. She walked up to us, her high heels tapping on the floor.
    “Yes, Mr. Watering?” she asked, her voice velvet and pure.
    “This is Kia. She is new in the Moon dormitory. Her room number is fifteen. Could you lead her there please?” Mr. Watering said politely.
    “Of course.” Lilly smiled a dashing smile and turned around. “Follow me.” She said and walked away. I rushed after her, admiring each piece of art that hang on the crimson walls r stood on the perfect wooden floor. We walked through a small wooden door that led to a staircase. The stairs were round and made out of creamy stone that was velvet at the touch.
    She opened another huge, black doors, decorated with smooth strokes of gold on the sides, and when I walked through them, she stopped and turned around.
    When I saw her face again I thought I would crack.
    She looked so much different from the polite and cute girl I saw in the main hall – what I saw now was an annoyed b***h with a look that clearly told me that she was too good to be talking to me.
    “Listen, Kia.” She said, a weird accent on my name. “I don’t want to waste my time explaining to you everything, so let me tell you a summary – Without me this school would be nothing.”
    I blinked twice, trying to repeat her words in my head.
    “You heard me right. I am what makes this school cool. I am the coolest person here and if you don’t obey me, then you will regret it and you can be sure about that. You got that?”
    I blinked a couple of more times, but didn’t nod.
    “You. Got. That?” she repeated, slower.
    “Do you want me to be honest with you?” I asked in my best bitchy voice.
    She sighed, clearly irritated.
    “Look I don’t have enough time to argue with you right now, moron, so just go find your room and get out of my sight.”
    She then walked past me and closed the door behind her so loud, I thought that the paintings on the walls were about to fall.
    They didn’t though.
    I covered my forehead, moving my hair from my face. I then shook my head and went off to search for my room.
    What did that man say? Fifteen? Or Fifty? God damn, that b***h.
    I then realized that this sentence wasn’t really smart.
    I realized it after I heard a scream downstairs, which I purposefully ignored.
    I found room fifteen and decided to try it out first. I knocked on the big wooden door and waited for an answer.
    A girl with really long brown curls opened the door. She had deep blue eyes and a cute face.
    “Yes?” she asked me.
    “Uhm… I think that’s the room I’m supposed to live in.” I said.
    She snapped her fingers and pointed at me. “Kia?” she asked.
    “Yes.” I said, relieved I was right. She moved to the side and let me go through the door. The room’s color was black – which pleased me – and it had lots of posters on it. Mostly I saw Damien Rice’s posters.
    “You like Damien Rice.” I stated, more than asked.
    “Uh… ye…” she said, a bit embarrassed.
    “I like him too.” I said. “But he isn’t my favorite.”
    I looked at my bed and threw my jacket there. I took my hoodie and the thinner sweater off and was only in my shirt and the tank top over it. I threw myself onto the bed and sighed.
    “Oh, right.” She said. “I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Jessica.”
    “Kia. But you know that.” I said. sitting up and smiling at her.
    She walked over to her desk that was full of golden trophies and pictures.
    When I looked above the desk, I saw a shelf, secured by glass cage. The shelf was full of golden and silver trophies, but not a single brown. Medals hung from walls and all of them golden or silver.
    “You won… a lot of times.” I said, amazed.
    “I like swimming.” She said indifferently, walking up to me. She held a sleeveless sweater with silver lines on the edges and a little silver picture a perfect crescent moon, made with a perfect silver string.
    “This is your uniform.” She said, handing it to me.
    “Just this?” I asked, looking at the sweater from different angles.
    “Ye, they want us to express ourselves.” She said.
    I nodded and put it on. It fit me perfectly. “It’s perfect. How did they know what my size is?” I asked.
    “They know a lot of things.” She said. “The fact that you have this silver picture means that you are in the Moon dorm. I am as well. There is the Sun dorm, the Star dorm and the Moon dorm.”
    “How did they decide which one I should go to?” I asked.
    “It depends on your parents. The children of Hera or Zeus are always the Sun dorm, Aphrodite, Hermes and Demeter are Star and Poseidon, Artemis, Apollo and Eros are in Moon.”
    “But my parents are neither of those above.” I said.
    “Really? Who are your parents?” she asked, her eyes shining. She sat on my bed, next to me.
    I swallowed loudly. “This may sound wrong to you but… my mortal dad and…” I stopped. “Nyx and Athena.” I said quickly.
    She stared at me. “Uh… ok, that is… interesting. You probably got Moon because of Nyx.” She said, blushing slightly.
    I nodded, then fell back down on the bed. “I’m a daughter of lesbians!” I stated, my voice cracking.
    The light suddenly went off, but then back on.
    “Don’t say things like that,” she said, her voice amused. “they can hear everything.”
    I sighed. “Then they should get used to a rebellious daughter.” I sat up again.
    “Here is your schedule. You’ll have classes with me, so you can just follow me around.” She said, giving me a piece of paper.
    I unfolded it and read through the subjects.

    Time Subject
    9:00-10:00 Literature
    10:00-10:30 Recess
    10:30-12:30 P.E
    12:30-13:30 History
    13:10-15:00 Theory of Magic (+Practical)
    15:00-16:00 Lunch
    16:00-17:00 Martial Arts

    “Theory of Magic? Martial Arts?” I asked, my eyebrow raised. I looked up at the smiling Jessica.
    “This isn’t a normal school. The students aren’t normal either. We have to polish our gifts and abilities as much as possible.”
    I nodded.
    She looked at the watch. “It’s late. We better get to sleep. Breakfast starts at seven. Mind if I use the bathroom first?” she asked.
    “No, no. Go ahead.” I said, waving at the bathroom. She smiled, took her things and walked off to the bathroom.
    I unpacked my clothes and placed my things on my desk – picture of my dad, my friends, me and Alex and my laptop. I turned it on, just to check if this dump had any internet.
    The only thing I could access was my mail. I checked it and it was empty.
    This reminded me of my phone. I took it out, realizing it was uncharged. I plugged it into the wall and straight away got five SMS’es.
    Three from Alex, one from Jenny and one from Dad.
    I read the one form Dad first.
    Kia, I want you to write me mails every week. You don’t want me to die of being worried about you, right?
    I smiled and went off to Jenny’s message.
    Kia! I bought the shirt! Where are you?!
    I went to the one from Alex.
    Go outside.
    The next one was.
    Where are you, your house is empty.
    The next one came about five minutes ago.
    Call me, Kia, I’m worried.
    I straight away dialed his number and pressed the phone against my ear.
    “Halluh?” I heard a female voice.
    “Hey, Mrs. Downhill, is Alex home?” I asked, my voice polite.
    “Yes, but he is busy with his friend.” She said. Her voice sounded confused and unsure about something.
    “Which friend?” I asked, curious.
    I thought I would drop the phone. My eyes were wide and my body frozen.
    “Halluh?” Alex’s mom said.
    “Uhm… could I please talk to him?”I asked, rubbing my forehead.
    “Yes.. of course…” I heard her walk upstairs and open a door.
    “Mom!” I heard Alex yell and Jenny scream.
    “A phone to you.” Mrs. Downhill said, her voice flat. “And you put a shirt on.”
    I covered my mouth.
    “Who is it?” Alex asked.
    “Some friend of yours.”
    “Hello?” he asked, his voice clear and loud against my ear.
    At that moment I had a lot of insults in my head. Jackass! Son of a b***h! You a*****e! How could you? How, how, how?!
    But I just said, “Hey, Alex.” My voice clearly gave out that I was on the edge of crying. “Nice to know what you do in your free time while I’m gone.”
    He didn’t say anything for a moment. “Excuse me, but who are you?”
    I was about to throw the phone against the wall, but I stopped myself.
    “I’m your girlfriend God dammit, or so I thought I was!” I said; my voice now more pissed than sad.
    “WHAT?” I heard Jenny gasp in the background. Then I heard some shattering and Jenny was almost yelling into the phone.
    “Kia, this isn’t like that, I swear, he made me do everything, I had nothing to do with this, please, Kia, I will---“
    Beep. I hung up on her.
    I rested my head on the wall. I was so angry; it was hard to try keeping it inside.
    I just poured all the frustration into my tears.