• Once upon a time there was a banana. He was a happy banana. This banana's name is Mr. Banana, Mr. Philip Banana of course. He lives in Appletown. In the country Fruityliciousica. With his best friend Mr. Charlie Pinneapple. One day Mayor James Apple declared war on the other country Veggiesaregoodistan. Philip was recruited into the army. Now these wars were a little different than the wars you think of. They fight with rubber chickens that squeak when you bop someone on the head with it. Henry, Philip's arch nemisis, happened to be a broccoli. So he lived in Veggiesaregoodistan. Philip knew this would be a perfect time to get revenge. Henry married Philip's sister, Philpina. So the next day Philip packed up and left.

    Philip could not sleep that night. He could not get over how cool it would be if He could finish off Henry himself. The final blow smacks Henry and sends him crying back to his Mommy.Philip would defintely get a medal for that. Henry was the general of Carrotville's strongest army. They are fully equiped with chicken launchers. One hit and you're done.

    The next day Philip got on a bus and went to the sock camp. For 2 weeks Philip was under tight pressure as he trained for the war. Practing throwing chickens can be very tiring. He watches other fruitans throw while he rests. One pear throws 30ft. Then 35ft. And with one powerful swing of his arm, he threw a chicken 100ft. "All Fruitans please report to the airport." A boomoing voice fills the air from the PA. "Please." Everyone lines up into two lines and marches into the windy lot. "Listen up girls," General Apricot yells through a microphone. "today is the day you will be sent to Veggiesrgoodistan. I want two chicken lauchers in each plane. I need some'o you on the turrets too. Everyone else, you're in three to a plane. Go! Go! GO!!!" His voice feels like it could shatter Philip's eardrum.

    Phillip hurried to the plane. He carried three chickens with him and loaded them in the plane. This would be a long ride he thought as he sat down on the jelly seat of the plane. The planes going to Veggiesrgoodistan was more different then you think. The seats of the plane was mae out of jelly, and the plane was made out of heavy cream and sugar. The plane would go very fast and you could only stay on the plane for a short amount of time otherwise the heavy cream would drip.

    Phillip got to Veggiesrgoodistan where he stayed at another sockcamp where he strengtened his ways of shooting chickens to the evil veggies. Phillip had a new general named, General Pineapple. General Pineapple said that General Apricot will be looking out for Henry's troops in Fruityliciousica. The next day, Phillip got a note from Henry saying that he won't hurt Phillip a lot because of the request from Phillip's sister, Philpina. Phillip wrote back to Henry saying that he can't wait to beat his troops up with rubber chickens and that he will save Henry for last. At that point Henry got so mad and told Phillip that he will smack him with two rubber chickens. Phillip told Henry that if he did that then he would get in trouble by his mommy.

    After that day, Phillip worked as hard as ever to shoot chickens and kept on telling himself of accomplishing his goal of smacking Henry in the face. He would tell Henry's mother of all the lies Henry had said in the past. Phillip laughed thinking of what Henry's face would look like if he got grounded and couldn't do war. Phillip would destroy Henry's troops and win the war. "Hey, Do I see laughing", said General Pineapple, "I should be seeing you shoot those chickens! Move it! GO GO GO!!!" Oh, not again! Phillip said to himself once again.