• She stood in the room, clutching her stomach, pale as a ghost. “No….”tears streamed down her cheeks rapidly.

    “NO!” a loud primal scream came from her and she fell down to the ground, blood soaking in her dress. “My baby…” she cried harder, crying for her baby and the man not there for her.
    “My love….please come….” Her world became black.

    When she awoke, her once white dress was dyed dark red, blood soaked into it. “Wha?” it was then she remembered what had happened and she collapsed into an endless stream of tears.

    “Why aren’t you here for me? Taking care of me….?” She whispered to the wind, no one hearing it but herself.

    --- --- ---

    “This has been a hard time for many of the people here, losing two very precious people. An unborn, and it’s dear mother,” the priest bowed his head. “Let us pray now.”

    Everyone bowed their heads down respectfully and prayed, some crying as well for the two to be safe.

    Only one head stayed up, staring at the coffin and two gravestones side by side, unseen by everybody, the father and lover of the two hid behind a tree.

    “I need you my love. I need you my precious beautiful baby. Please… come back to me…” his voice cracked and he pulled out a gun. “If you two cannot come to me, I will come to you….”

    The world’s sound was filled with a loud crack and then silence. Two men stood up and walked over to where the shot came from.

    When they arrived, they saw a queer site. The now dead man, held his arms in an embrace, finally with the two he missed the most.
    I wrote this when i was kinda sad and had read a fanfiction about a mother losing her baby. It inspired me greatly.