• Hit squad

    Hit squad noun
    1. A squad or team of hired executioners, as one organized for carrying out an assassination.

    By: Rabies

    Before Hellix was ever a respected assassin he lived in the Kakashi District of Lockwood, I’ll never forget the day I met him. I was buying my diner from a vendor, now at this time food was the only thing on my mind not my pockets. It was a warm summer night a group of nuns was walking orphans back to the orphanage. One of the orphans ran into me and fell down, he had red spiky hair and was no more than two, and also he was a Demon.
    “Sorrwi sir.” He said
    “It’s okay run along now.” I said as I helped him up, then the orphan quickly followed the others in line.
    “Sir, you Raman.” The woman at the vendor said, “That’ll be 350¥ .” I reached for my wallet it wasn’t in it’s usually place as a matter of fact it wasn’t on me at all.
    “Why that little bustard.” I muttered “Did you see which way that kid went by chance?” I asked the vendor lady
    “It looked like he went down that ally.” She said, ”would you like us to put this in a microwave or something sir?” she added, “Yes thank you.” I said and pursued the pickpocket he was down the ally with my wallet open counting my cash.
    “Hey kid!” I yelled and he looked up his face was dirty and his clothes where torn. He put the cash back in the wallet then ran to and climbed a near by broken scaffolding all the way to the top. The structure was some thing even with my years of assassin training could not scale as quickly as he did. I looked up at him, “Hey we can do this the easy way or the hard way, easy way being you give me my money or I come up there and get it.” I yelled up at him he just simply stuck his tongue out at me. “Alright hard way then.” I mumbled and started up the scaffolding as soon as I put my foot on one of the wooden moldy bars it broke. ‘Oh, this is not gonna be quick and easy good bye dinner.’ I thought as I found another footing. After about what must have been 20 minutes my cell phone rang, I reached for my pocket
    “You’ve got to be kidding me, you have my cell phone too!” I yelled up at the bantam swindler.
    “Wes.” He replied lying down on the top of the scaffolding relaxing,
    “Who’s calling?” I asked generally irritated. He looked at the phone, I herd him whispering, trying sound out the caller I.D. name. “Wits heehee Boo Bear.” He said, Blue Bear is kinda, well a “pet name” for my wife and it’s an inside joke. He was a few feet out of reach; “Can I have the phone please?” still irritated and flustered
    “Thank... What!”
    “What do ya mean no?” I yelled up at him.
    “To wevses.” He said.
    “Come again?”
    “Wits what no means, re-use.” Looking at me like I didn’t know the difference between a book and applesauce.
    “Oh, you mean refuse.” I said just barely able to translate his baby talk, the more and more he talked the more I saw how bad his speech was. “Wevses... Who in the world taught you how to talk?” I said continuing up the dilapidated scaffolding which the more I looked at it was more of a heap of junk. “No un.” He mumbled sadly. “What did you say?” I asked, “Nuttin.” He said standing up and yawning. He walked to the edge of the scaffolding where an old clothesline was fastened to a decayed Bronzerick wall stood. I hurried up to the top. When he saw me pull myself up to the top he jumped on to the clothesline and ran across to the other building on the other side, and jumped in to a broken window. I looked down my wallet, cell phone, credit cards, and discount cards where placed. I picked up my wallet; there was no cash in it, put the other items back in their normal pockets. I looked over at the broken window; he was nowhere to be seen. 'He's probably an street Demon.' I thought as I jumped down from the scaffolding. My phone rang it was Natuko, my wife. I answered the phone and instead of 'hi how is your day going' she said,
    “Where are you Kyuzo!?! I called and texted and called I even called your mother!”
    “Honey, my mother lives in Japan. And I'm on my way home OK.” I said walking back to the vendor, “Did you make your shrink appointment today” She was silent for a moment “Hmm oh, that yeah I got to it she said I was improving.”
    “Good. And umm what flavor Raman did you want?” I said standing in line at the vendor
    “I wanted sushi.” She said, “You want what.” I said irritated. “Sushi... why?” she asked I steeped out of line at the vendor. “Never mind, I'm on my way home.” “I love you.” She said and hung up.
    Once at home I told Natuko about what had happed. I told her it would be fine and that he wouldn’t be targeted. Then that December it was a vary cold night Natuko was at home and I was running Christmas errands. This year I decided to see if I could get Natuko something from her home place, Osaka. On Lockwood Island you look for things from Japan for cheap in the Kakashi district. The definition of insanity is repeating something the same way expecting a different outcome. This time I was being stupid and looking at a “T.M.Revolution” poster when something ran into me. I looked down where the same kid was on the ground rubbing his head and mumbling,
    “Why all you towarists oroka na hito always tand in da middle of the street!?!” I looked down at him. “You should watch you language kid.” I said. “Oh yeah!” He said angrily as he was standing up.
    “Hellix get back here!” a young lady yelled running up toward us. “Damnit!” The kid said as the young lady got closer.
    “Hellix I told you to wait right outside the library not 3 blocks away!” she yelled.
    “Jeez Nomi naze anata wa tsuneni kono yō na mesu suru hitsuyō ga ari masu ka!?!”
    “Helix you’re three years old you don’t know me as a true masu!”
    “Oh yeah!?!”
    “I can tell he’s not your son.” I chimed in, Nomi-Chan gave me a dirty look, I guess in the Kakashi inhabits can tell Yakuza from normal people. She turned to Hillix-Kun and said in I think Korean,
    “Hellix, dangsin-eun yakujaga sungyeol-eul jug-yeoyahalji, geuleohji anhseubnida.” Hellix looked up at me and gave me the same look.
    “I’m not that kind of Yakuza... I’m just an assassin, modern samurai.” I said looking at Nomi-Chan. She wasn’t Korean she was white, with big blue eyes and natural blonde hair, in Advanstria a white person is kinda rare. Nomi-Chan just looked at me with the same look and said with attitude “How dare you compare yourself to a samurai!” She said as Hellix-Kun started to cough badly. Nomi looked at him worriedly, I got down to his level and popped a cough drop in his mouth, the surprise made him stop. Nomi giggled, “I have to wrestle him down to the ground just to give him allergy medicine.” She dropped a book, I picked it up for her. “I’m Kyuzo Tanaka, bye the way.” I said handing her the book. “I’m Nomi Collins and this is Hellix.”