• He held onto me as if I was never coming back. He pressed his ice cold blue lips against my cheek and his warm hands across my waist. “Promise you won’t let me go.” He said in a sincere voice. I looked up at him and smiled “I Promise.”
    “RING, RING, RING!” my alarm clock screamed. “I jump up from the quiet dream in the bunk bed me and my twin sister share. “Thump!” I hit my head on the top bunk’s bottom. I throw myself back onto my bed and hold my head. “Ouch!” I scream as my twin sister runs into the room. “Well well Savannah, you really have hit yourself this time. “Shut up Camillah!” I yelled. Camillah gets on my nerves. She always is talking and she keeps going on about her boyfriend who she shouldn’t have. She is fifteen and her boyfriend is seventeen. He is so bad. He has more criminal records than the age he is. He has been in Jail. Twice. One time for stabbing a 10 year old, and the other one was for truancy. His name is Jeff. I have to admit, he is gorgeous. Crystal grey eyes and blonde hair with the cutest lips. Who could be so stupid and have someone so hot like Jeff. Not even kidding about the stupid when I told her to recycle a paper in the recycle bin, she put the paper on her bicycle and let her bicycle go threw the neighborhood. We chased it down for 1 block and then it hit this really expensive car a Chevrolet 2010! It looked like it just got bought and when it hit it the owner swore at us. That is why I think she is stupid because she does the Dumbest things. One thing that is funny, Jeff has a secret huge crush on me. I get up and brush my teeth, fix my hair and turned my ipod onto my favorite song, “The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage.” I go to my closet and put on my favorite shirt, Black with cross bones covered on it. Then I put on my short shorts and high black converses. I Throw on my black lipstick and walk downstairs.
    I see Jeff on my couch. “Hey Juvie, how have you been? He hates it when people talk about him going to jail but with me, he is fine with it. “Hey Hunny” “I’m not your hunny.” I say to him in a playing around voice. “That monster upstairs is your Hunny!” He just smiled and got up. He looks upstairs at where Camillah was and then looked at me and pulls his arms out like he was going to hug me. “Come give me a hug Savannah.” he said with a big smile. I knew what he was up to. He was going to grab my butt like last time, but not this time. I go for it and hug him. His long blonde hair got clogged in my mouth. I spit it out quickly and let go before he tried something stupid! As soon as he let go of me, Camillah came stomping down stairs.
    “Ready to go to school baby?” she said in a flirty style. He grabs her and they starts kissing. “Gross!! I scream can ya’ll get a room?” Camillah looked at me and said “Can you get a boyfriend?” I was going to grab her off of Jeff and kiss him and say “Already did.” but I’m not like my sister. We are NOTHING ALIKE! She likes the color pink, I like the color black. She listens to Taylor Swift, I listen to Killswitch Engage. She hates Strips and I love Strips. WE ARE ABSOULUTELY NOTHING ALIKE. I don’t know why we are sisters. Another thing, she goes out with a bad boy. Ugly girl and Gorgeous Boy don’t mix. She is the devil and Jeff knows it because she gets mad at him so easy. Example, Last week she got mad all because he spilled lemonade on her shoes and she broke up with him. He really loves her but she doesn’t see that. She thinks he is just a piece of her life that she will look back on and think she will laugh about it. Jeff knows that she doesn’t love him, But never can’t stop thinking about her. She once told him that he meant nothing to her and that he was crap. That day, Camillah and I had fought the biggest fight of our life because we threw each other in the pool and fought until I punched her so hard, she got knocked out in the pool and sunk into the water and Jeff went into the pool to get her. I was going to let her drown but Jeff wasn’t. Until this day she still has a little scar on her face. I don’t care if I don’t like Jeff , you don’t mess with him because he is awesome like that. You just don’t mess with Jeff. You just don’t.
    At school, I go to my locker. It smells like my room, candy and old books. I close my locker to get surprised by my best friend Chelae. “Hey Savannah.” she said in a quiet and mellow voice. “Hey.”
    “Guess what?”
    “ I have found you a boyfriend.”
    I started to get a little angry. “ I’ve told you, I don’t need a boyfriend to be happy.” Chelae looked at me with surprise and then looked down. Chelae is just like me. We love dark music and dressing dark. She wears black lipstick like me and a whole lot of eyeliner. Her hair is like mine, always down never up and messy. “Get down Savannah, it’s the new guy.” I look over at him and stair him down the hallway. He looked mysterious and lonely. His hair was swayed to the side of one eye and a Breaking Benjamin t-shirt with baggy pants.
    His eyes raced to my brown eyes and I kept stairing. He just smiled and kept walking.