• i stood still. how could he do this? he is my father after all, but he is doing this. he knows she and i dont get along. i protected her and got shot after it, but she told every one i was suicidal and tried to kill my self.
    the priest read out of the bible as Carla and my dad stood face to face with smiles. she was pretty, with the white dress and the red hair. how could someone so pretty and so nice give birth to someone so selfish and rude?
    i look at her side. there she was in a pink dress. her daughter, Amy. after this she will be my half sister. i will have to share a room with her and every thing. she is going to every thing she can to torture me
    "you may kiss the bride" the priest said, then they kissed. i looked down. this moment on Amy is my sister. every one left the stage but i stayed in place. my hands were trembling.

    i took my time getting down the steps. Jason, my 15 year old brother, raced up to me.
    "im sorry "he said "im scared too, Amy is evil, i know, but im mad about the fact that he is getting married again. my mom died and then his wife after that died, and no one could take their spots." he said
    "shut up" i said "im tryin not to think about that cuz i dont want to cry now"
    i looked around looking for my dad. i caught a glimpse of him carrying Carla to a limo. i took off running. "dad" i yelled when he put her down to let her get in. "dad" i yelled again and he looked at me "why" i asked "you know her daughter slammed me into a window and blamed it on me and i had to owe the school"
    he looked at me "now since she is your sister i bet she will change, and i promise not to let her hurt you again"
    i remember that promise, he broke it 5 months after it. im in the hospital now. i was hit by by a truck. it pierced my chest and broke 2 of my ribs. "you are a waste of space" she said "when you are gone i have my own room so ill get rid of you and have everything of yours to my self and your brother wont have you to come to so he will come to me" she laughed then pushed me into the road when a car came and she told my dad and her mom that i was trying to kill myself again and they believed her, now me and Jason are the only ones that know she is after me. my dad is mad at me and her mom is mad at me and my friends left me...... all but one and he witnessed her doin that but the police cant trust him because he is a murderer. his name is Destiny and he is my last friend on earth