• You're floating on air.

    Life is perfect.

    Everything you ever wanted is right there in front of you.

    Then, like a melting glacier, it dissipates before your eyes.

    It melts like and embraced cube of ice.

    "I don't love you anymore", she says.

    It becomes so strong, so moving, so indescribably painful that even the sacrifice of the son of God isn't enough.

    You fall down the path of self destruction.

    Your pain drips from your wrists.

    It slides down your throat with the vodka.

    It fills your lungs with the smoke of self-medication.

    Your forget for a while.

    You go back to the days where you had the light of perfection before your eyes.

    You're back with her, alone.

    You're back to where she was all you needed.

    Then, the darkness consumes your mind.

    You wake up, and reality slaps you in the face with a hand of broken nails.

    She's not there, and neither is the feeling.

    Just emptiness.

    Just the darkness that only a soul can produce.

    You make up your mind then and there.

    You walk to the garage and find a rope.

    You tie one end tightly to the tree in the back yard.

    The tree the two of you once sat under and pledged eternal love for eachother.

    You can still see the heart and initials carved clearly in the center of the trunk.

    You tie one end to one of the lower branches.

    You climb the tree and sit on the branch for a while, reminiscing.

    Back to her again.

    Back to the endless hours of kissing and embracing eachother tightly

    Back to the time when she still loved you

    You wipe the tears from your eyes and tie the free end of the rope around your neck.

    You bid farewell, and jump.

    You hang there, writhing, suffocating.

    Then, through the haze, you see her.

    She's standing on your back porch.

    She screams when see sees you, and runs to you.

    She tells you she still loves you.

    That she needs you.

    That you're the only thing she needs.

    You pull a knife from your pocket, and with your last bit of strength, you cut the rope.

    You fall, then darkness.

    You awaken to her standing over you, crying.

    She sees you, your open eyes, and throws her arms around you.

    You put your arms around her, then plunge the knife into her stomach.

    Her eyes tell you everything in her mind: Shock, betrayal, pain.

    You get up and walk away without a second glance.

    Maybe now she understands the pain you've felt.

    As you walk away, you think to yourself.

    You're thinking "Karma's a b***h, isn't it?".

    You're glad you didnt kill yourself.

    That backstabbing traitor of a b***h doesn't deserve to know that she can get to you like that.

    She doesn't deserve that satisfaction.

    But now, you have the satisfaction of knowing you destroyed the only thing that ever made you happy.

    You stop dead in your tracks and think about that last statement.

    The only thing to ever make you happy...

    You turn around and run to her.

    She's not moving. You scream her name, begging her to answer.

    You stare into her open eyes.

    They're blank, dark, lifeless.

    You curse yourself and God.

    You pull the knife from her stomach.

    You kiss her lips one last time.

    They're soft...


    The taste of strawberries brings back the past once more.

    You shake the memories from your mind, and plunge the knife into your own stomach.

    You look at her.

    Your final words are heard only by you.

    "I love you"...