• My life wasn't always this crazy. It wasn't always like this, they didn't always hate us and our kind. Hell we even went to school together, but after the attacks started things began to change. Like they say "happily ever afters are for fools and fairytale." The year was 2015 everything was at peace. The wars had ended the treaties signed. Our school was the first to combine the species. I was one of those "new students". Cross Academy, a place that many had known as home and soon to be my own. This is the place were the treaties and rules were broken. The place that would soon become so many's grave.

    Cross Academy was a grand building that was erected during the 16th century. The man that built the place was just like them. He wanted the place to be a sanctuary for them, a place that they could hide and be at peace. The outside consisted of five main gardens. One for each season and the garden of no return, Pandora's garden. The students were placed in dorms, my dorm was Jazbal Galicca. The dorms were named after famous men and women of their kind. Humans were all placed in the same dorm so I didn't know why I was placed in this one until that fateful day. If I had know I wouldn't have believed their lies, but now I know and I'm forced to not only believe them but to except and protect him.User Image