• Me, Baruch, and Soren are now inside an abandoned apartment building, although I can guarantee that this is probably a bad idea. Why? Well, there are other zombies that took over, meaning we will have to find another hard way out. And besides, the three of us come across a survivor who calls herself Megumi Tekarukite, who claims that many of her crew members and other fighters have perished while they were trying to investigate the fallen city for any survivors themselves. Now, she's lost and she's trying to look for her older sister, who went missing sometime ago along with HER crew. What can we say? It's time to take measures and have her crew up with us!

    Me: Honestly, this is such a bad idea.

    Baruch van Austins: Why? It ain't that bad.

    Soren Whisperwind: Don't get your hopes up, Baruch. Probably the monsters have taken over this building here.

    Baruch van Austins: Well, we can't go back outside. They're probably guarding the fence and it'll be TOO overwhelming to fight them all at once.

    Soren Whisperwind: We'll have to find another hard way out, then.

    Me: How?

    Soren Whisperwind: If we can't exit the same way we entered, we'll have to exit this place by moving forward. Along the way, we should come across some kind of path around here that should lead to the outside world.

    Baruch van Austins: For once, I hope you're right.

    Soren Whisperwind: I'd rather fight the monsters getting in our way if I need to! Come on, let's go!

    [the three of us are now heading upstairs]

    Me: Honestly, these hallways are totally creeping me out! I wonder how long ago did the undead settle in this dump?

    Soren Whisperwind: I have no clue, but hopefully we can find some survivors.

    Baruch van Austins: I'm dying to get out of this hellish city ASAP.

    Soren Whisperwind: We have to worry about that, later. For now, we need to---

    [door swings open, surprising us. Gaian girl screams as she ducks and dodges Soren's fire blast, which instead incinerates the monster chasing her]

    Megumi Tekarukite: Seriously, you could have fried me, there!

    Soren Whisperwind: I wasn't expecting it; I thought you were a zombie trying to ambush all of us!

    Megumi Tekarukite: Well, you killed one for me that was trying to get a hold of me.

    Soren Whisperwind: Never mind, that. Who are you and why are you here?

    Megumi Tekarukite: My name's Tekarukite, Megumi Tekarukite. I was only in this burning city to find any survivors.

    Me: So you came alone, didn't you?

    Megumi Tekarukite: No. I was with a crew. We were trying to see if we can come across any remaining people around here, but we were ambushed and now many of my crew members have perished. Besides, my older sister might have disappeared around here since I'm alone.

    Soren Whisperwind: Well, it's kinda dangerous when you're fighting alone.

    Baruch van Austins: But the three of us only---it's not enough!

    Megumi Tekarukite: That's why I wanted to join anyone who's still out here!

    Me: Let her join us, Soren. We can't risk any more casualties! We've probably seen enough in one day.

    Soren Whisperwind: Hmmm, you're right, Dave. [to Megumi] Alright, Megumi, join us. For as long as we stick together, we should be outta here in next to no time.

    Megumi Tekarukite: Thank you. I owe you guys one. And I can be useful in healing, if you guys need it.

    Baruch van Austins: We're alright... for now.

    Soren Whisperwind: OK, people. Let's move out!

    (End of Chapter 2, Part 2)